How to Find Inner Balance and Peace: A Conversation with Alonzo King

Blazing Trails


How do i want to live the slides. What do i want to bring to it. How do i visualize the ending in terms of expansion or growth and order my gifts to the world before i depart so it brings up. The series primordial questions that have stymied human beings since the beginning of time. Who am i. Why am i here can because you have the presence of anything could happen and that brings vibrancy and also applause to live and that opportunity. Jody to say. I'm going to examine myself. Is one of the riches places for expansion. It's introspection just like so. Many people are introspective. Right now m. I a racist. Do i have a trace of that in me. Let me get educated in certain ways. Let me read this and re debt and so in that same manner of introspection it should continue with everyone all over the world. Mit selfish am. I greedy the things that i dislike in other human beings. Is there a trace of bad inside of me. Let me interest backed and remove it. So that i can contribute something positive to this world. It's interesting that we think that our thoughts are these kind of little individual things that are separate from other people but thoughts are universally connected and we plug into them whether they be negative or positive and so if our thoughts are negative. We're adding to the bonfire. We're adding to the malays and so this period to actually examine your thoughts thoughts that when you're super busy you wouldn't have the opportunity to examine them. Because you're in the rush. You're taking care of your kids. You have deadline jeff projects and so you're in constant were and when you have the time to say no. Let me really interested and see what i ignored. That may be sub-conscious and so quiet time and with really quiet interiors ation. You're able to see enemies entrance. A you want to build up the internal friends in diminish the enemies. And i say that because we're really at war inside of ourselves and that war is reflected outside of ourselves. And so the internal war has to be abated it has to be neutralized s to be healed as to be stopped and that means any contradictions. Any things that you look. I always looked to think of it as a painting in the process. What is unnecessary here. What is blocking the light. How can i make this clearer. And so as we working on the masterpieces of our own lives because that is the greatest art the art of living. There has to be extraction all building in making this we humans do makers and builders and the best making and doing building is art is with art at. I'd like to think of art is knowledge in its lowest form or its baseline form. It's the knowledge of how things are done in its highest form. It is the merging of the individual into the universal. And so that idea earlier about bannon shen that never ever stop. Okay just kind of blew my mind there for a minute. I'm trying to process set idea of art being individuals into the universe saw. And so when i'm thinking about where we're at right now and this inner war that we're going through. I'm curious about the journey. Maybe and the sustainability and the endurance. Maybe it'd be another way to look at it because it's gotten so complex with one crisis upon another one internal war after another and that initial vacuum that you spoke of that left us all with that space in that time use. It feels like all of that. Space has been filled with so much conflict that it's just exhausting. And when i think of going to fight a battle and i think of my individual contributions to something more universal i feel like i'm running out of steam and i'm curious how you kind of think about that when you're creating this beautiful art and when there is a tremendous amount of physical endurance that

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