A highlight from #175 Terry Hershey: On Serial Quitting

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We are recording the last episode of two thousand twenty today. Now we're thinking that's great. That's two thousand and twenty is over but you know i got this fear. The january one two thousand and twenty one is not going to be all that different than than december thirty first of two thousand twenty but we shall see. And and today what i wanna do is i want to chat with our good friend. Terrier she about beginnings and endings Part of it has to do a t s eliot and his poetry from his One of his most famous poet. Poetry books Four quartets and from the second poem east coker and he writes erector reprinted. A repeated refrain. That is In my beginning is my in in my in my end is the beginning of all new things and and and and he writes that that ends are good. That is good to in something and begin. Something new but I'll tell you for endings for quitting. Quitting things is a very loaded concept a con- concert concept in the american lexicon with our american six excess orientation quitting means your somehow lacking and and. I'm not sure. I'm to buy all that. And that's what i wanna to talk to terry about. So let's see. What terry has to say about quitting. And how many And how that may relate to a series of new beginnings new endings. Yo hirsch what's up. Good good to hear from which which one of his quitting well. I thought about it several times. But i but i think about quitting all the time. I'm i'm a i'm a. We'll get into it. But i'm a serial quitter that's why i've had seven or eight careers because i get point. Where and we'll talk about. Why is time for me to move on But before we get really deep into our subject you're in the middle of new beginning. Are you not. I left the island where i lived for thirty two years and a home that i built and move to another town still western washington very different. I moved from five acres and several dwellings on the property to a condo. That's kind of a change when you look change up in the dictionary. There's a picture of my condo picture of your house in your garden. It kind of changes interesting changes about what the news well but part of this thing about the quitting thing. There's so many ways to frame quitting because change in other words. The circumstances of my life changed and there were Ingredients there were reasons that invited me to make that change and one of the big things for me was whether i was going to get on board with that or whether i was just gonna be at the mercy of whatever happened in a part of me wanted to be at the mercy of it in the sense the quitter part of me was. I just didn't wanna care. You know whatever happened happened. Well at some point i had to literally give a damn

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