Woman in Riverside, California, brags on Facebook that she got a COVID vaccine


From a riverside woman that's getting a lot of attention. She is not a frontline medical worker, but she has received her first dose two fighters vaccine. She posted a photo on her vaccination card or rather of it, And when a friend asked, how did she get the shot? The woman said a family connection. It was a big deal. Redlands Community Hospital. In a statement read, Lind's said that it administered vaccines to its health care workers and had several doses left over and I have to be used within a certain time period. It didn't sound like they had thought too much about contingency plans, because I mean how much effort would it take to call the local police station and fired Apartment to see how many of those guys are available. Just in case they have extra doses. Or any other patients who are in the hospital who happened to be above a certain age. David Lowe is a senior associate dean for research at the UC Riverside School of Medicine. There have been examples before of staffers who don't interact with patients getting vaccinated. This woman, though, reportedly works for Disney. Lo said. There's still not a lot of clear guidance of how to go through the vaccination process. It's basically left to the institutions that are lucky enough to get shipments.

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