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Ask our road international listeners to bear with the eye for just a moment while I update our South central Wisconsin listenership on the weather. Today. In Saturday, the second of January 2021 Be partly sunny. We're looking at a high near 28, Northwest wing around five MPH becoming calm. It's not a mostly cloudy Saturday night with low around 14 and a calm win. Ah, mostly Sunday with a high near 30 calm, wind becoming southwestern five MPH in the morning. In southwest in the afternoon around five MPH as well looking and low around 17 and a partly cloudy Sunday night. A partly sunny Monday coming our way with a high near 34. Southwest Wind 5 to 10 MPH, and we're looking at a low of 22 on Monday night. Mostly cloudy, looking at a partly sunny Tuesday with a high near 33 alot of 22 on Tuesday night, then our next chance of Rain and snow ever so slight maybe a 20% chance on Wednesday and Wednesday night, looking at mostly cloudy Wednesday with a high near 35 a low around 25. Then it looks like it'll be just cloudy on Thursday that precipitation will pass through looking at a mostly cloudy Thursday with a high near 32. We have Quite a bit of new music to share with you in this 2021 Since the latest releases from yesterday, the first of January 2021 we have some

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