Francisco Lindor: New Hope For Mets Fans?

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For a big splash. A big domino to tip over and the mlb off season and we got one yesterday. The new york. Mets acquired francisco lindores and carlos carrasco from the cleveland indians for two shortstops in two minor leaguers and enormous transaction. How surprised are you that this happened not surprised at all. Buster olney is the host of the baseball tonight partly cast and he has been covering baseball for more than three decades. Look the last few years there had been so much industry speculation about when would the indians trade lynn door. In fact a couple of years ago. Paul dolan their owner told that the fan base look. Enjoy while you can. Because it was an assumption he was going to be traded. I think if not for the pandemic he would have been traded in the middle of last summer so the indians move in now and the fact that the mets were the buyers. That's not surprising either. Because i think mets fans have been waiting for Steve owns team to to make a big move and he certainly did that. And getting the best shortstop in baseball. Yeah i want to ask you about the cleveland side of the equation in a little bit. But i i wanna dive into the buyer that you mentioned because steve cohn buster. The mets new owner hedge fund billionaire self identifying proudly so diehard mets fan from long island. He's been on twitter. I'll off season making very loud noises about this being a new different kind of organization. You know we want to be excellent in all areas of this game That's going to require resources. And i'm fully committed to making that happen. He is so monumentally. Wealthy i mean he was one of the few people who didn't lose money in this pandemic shortened twenty twenty season. So what does this tell you about the promise of his regime yeah. He's the richest owner in baseball. Now and i. I wrote a piece Free espn dot com. That for mets fans who have suffered through their. Ptsd of the wilpon. Yes this is that the finally they get their reward were they have an owner. Who's willing to go toe to toe with the yankees owner. Who bills a team. That has continued success. I don't just want to get into the playoffs. I want to win a championship. You know through the years. Since i've been working in the new york market the assumption whenever a really big name came up. Was that the yankees. Probably elbow the mets out of the way and they would get the players in the in. The mets would operate like an upper middle class team rather than a big market team and this deal signals a change in that. But what i do believe. Is this a major markelle tune during the should have a budget to measure with the yankees coulda used shortstop. There are other big market teams. That could use a shortstop. And the mets get the best shortstop so because you are a veteran of the new york market i need to know how is indoor going to help reshape. Just the identity of the team itself because i mean nolan reported future about him. We'll get to that a bit as well but just how good is he. What's potential here well. He's the perfect player for the mets right. Now he's an elite defensive shortstop smash back can't buy off-balance throw in recent years jacob. Degrom has been great. Despite the fact that mets have been really poor on defense. It's shorts especially they need more lineup. Ballots lindores a switch hitter. They could use more power drill door with law. Law door hits for power. They could use speed lindores does that. He looked like the road runner as he took off from first base and he absolutely has the personality to be the face of a franchise in new york. You talking about someone who loves to play is nicknamed mr. smile. Hangmen fans absolutely will gravitate toward him. Yeah

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