S2E86: SHMS 011421


To see you in how you doing. Great sean good see you yes. Yes here in bethlehem. Excuse me we work has lots of you from. It's thirty degrees right now. It's cloudy with the possibility of rain sometime this morning. The high will be forty six today in strasbourg. It's thirty four degrees forty six for the high cloudy and rain but there will be a rain. Snow mix this morning in newark new jersey. It is thirty four degrees. Forty eight for the high. Mostly cloudy in some sun later this afternoon in atlanta. It's thirty degrees. Fifty five for the high and clear in new york. City is thirty. Nine degrees forty eight hundred high mostly cloudy with some sun later. Ethnic also is sixty three degrees in miami. Seventy four and cloudy thirty six chicago thirty nine for the high mostly cloudy with rain in the afternoon around around two o'clock so in los angeles fifty five degrees f four for the high and clear thirty four in louisville fifty four high partly. Cloudy and rochester is thirty seven degrees. Thirty nine will be highly cloudy there. That's what i have for. You all wasn't the way you are coming to. You live in the show. Have you wanna show featuring city jay. We get started right cologne. Well we get you started right We have front page news with a cine jay Where we're going to give you the news nationally locally globally and like the news

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