interview With Mo O'Connell And Mary Tynan


I'm doug danny and you're listening to the plastic podcasts tales of the irish diaspora way going in reverse order here today. The plastic podcasts. Not so much plastic as elastic with two women artists who returned to and from britain. Maureen o'connell or mo is an award-winning writer actor and director based in dublin. At her film spa weekend is currently garnering laurels at festivals around the globe. Meanwhile actor writer director. Mary tynan speaks to us from galway. She has founded notes from xanadu which she describes as probably the world's first online art center and hosts everything from music to talks to theater and stitch and bitch sessions. I'm in the middle of the curiously named storm kristoff when we talk so my first question is a wild and windswept how you doing doing great state all right I suppose for the benefit of both business. If you'd like to say hello with your names. And that way they can tell who's speaking turn or names maritime. And i'm doug just in case there was any confusion so but if we can go back to The the the first thing would be that you both left ireland in order to go to england and specifically london So if i can ask her festival. Mary you You you were born in england but raised in galway essentially. Yes s one in west london very west london he from apple and let while in essex's while and then moved to in front of us john and i basically went back on al twenties and spent most of my adult life. That north london westbound east london every avalanche from southeast asia whenever south river. What about you and wake up in in the for vici- back to dublin and went to radha in two thousand nine and and then detroit there. Federated is in twelve in the state of years in london turn years maybe and they came back to ireland in two thousand fifteen the end of twenty fifteen and then start doing research for a nine hundred sixty short film. I want to make twenty sixteen seventeen Rebellion so and then so you can across to be paul colson. Rawda first of all. Yes a mary. What brought you across the back across london. This dispose opportunities really I i came over at a time when i was just before the boom started. Not there wasn't really any any work here and I just i left london anyway. I'd always kind of wanted to live. Erin i'm in times of doing things like acting and stuff like that. I'm just i just general Opportunity i just like. I did really really love land. Always i just felt like it was as those targeted program is and at its best. A cities like a gigantic playground. And bam. what. I like about london. It was just you could wacko sorts of places. You could visit those places. You could gross the british museum. You could go sit by the river. Everything you could think of was that and Yeah i just thought it was. It was a better place on. Especially since i've mostly been single also. It's at a place for single parents live. But did you still have one foot in galway Well i had family goalie. Yeah i had like. I'm at my parents sam wealth. My mom died while ago but nutria times walked without minister and now that children is also i did have thought but miam- neither of my parents originally from goal i so i can go away the such. I wouldn't have had my cousins or anything like that. Yeah mobile humor. And this is the first three years three. Get note that well. Because i had so intense and we were told me off to work and stuff because it was intense. You'd be too tired. i kind of had to work. I worked in irish for in second year at help pay bills and things like this was a nice relief from radha as in is right Being this crazy irish far people killing each other like all the time. Just an honest is very funny. Irish pub and then go back and throughout the next scrapes that exploit rates contrast and but i. I don't want an acting that. Mary saying but i do think that difficult being an actor because you take a job that is at lopate so that you can remain free to audition if you get

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