The Germond Family Murders

Murder Minute


In the nissan and discovered a bb gun that resembled an ak forty seven. They said he was booked into county jail on two counts of aggravated assault and released monday. On forty thousand dollar bond. At his court appearance that day late them was ordered to have no contact with the victim to be fitted with a gps monitor and surrender all of his weapons. The recent arrest adds to the charges laid them is already facing new jersey in may. He was charged with manslaughter. For the death. Of william durham senior. One of his neighbors while he lived with his grandparents violent about forty miles south of philadelphia. The new york times reported that there were ongoing tensions between durham's family and leith them over the teens driving after a confrontation between leith Durham and their wives on may fourth durham's to sunset age. Seventeen and twenty one went to late. Them's house prompting another confrontation on leith Driveway that's when a thorny say late them stabbed durham a corrections officer multiple times with a knife the victim's wife catherine durham and her sons were also charged with assault and trespass in connection with the incident. Prosecutors did not say who started the fight. Latham's attorney nathan. Perry says that his client in self defense. But attorneys representing the durham family claimed letham and his wife lured the family into the fight for social media fame. they allege that late them's wife. Sarah recorded the brawl so that they could quote become tiktok famous another confrontation between latham. And catherine durham had garnered three million tiktok views. Latham's trial date in. Florida has been scheduled. For february twenty-second detectives have aside investigation into the death of an infant who was found near management facility in paris california last week and are searching for the owner of a backpack left nearby deputies responding to reports of a dead body found the infant left in the trash at cr and our environmental services a waste and recycling collection company. The black box pack was discovered near where the child was found. The bag was decorated with what appeared to be a white or gray hand drawn design resembling a moon and a son homicide. Investigators became involved with the case after an autopsy determined that the baby was alive at birth rather than stillborn according to riverside county sheriff's officials. They are working to identify and locate the mother of the child. On tuesday mexican authorities announced the arrest of a suspect. In the slayings of to san diego retirees whose bodies were found dumped in a well in baja california last summer. Seventy eight year. Old ian her. Sean and seventy three year old kathy harvey were stabbed to death likely in late august while asleep in bed at her shawn's longtime vacation home in l. rio a tiny beach town about one hundred and thirty miles south events nada. The family reported the couple missing on september second and investigators discovered their bodies. September fifth. Investigators from the baja california attorney. General's office arrested. The suspected killer left week he was identified only by his first name and one initial emmanuel n as is customary in mexican criminal cases. Prosecutors said that the killer stabbed the victims inside the home loaded their bodies into her shawn's toyota land cruiser and drove about four miles to the well to discard her. Shawn's daughter identified the suspect as a member of the family that owned a ranch near where her father's vacation home was located. She said that her father knew the family well. Including the suspected killer authorities arrested a suspect wednesday in connection to an apartment fire in early january. That left a california woman dead on january sixth sacramento fire department crews battled a fire at an apartment complex on summer park drive. Firefighters were called to the complex just after four pm according to sacramento fire. Captain keith wade. Flames were coming from a unit on the first floor and the apartment above the fire was extinguished just before five pm as they searched the downstairs apartment. Firefighters found victim who was later pronounced dead at the scene. The sacramento police department announced wednesday. That the victim was a woman and her death has been ruled. a homicide. the name of the woman who died has not been reported. Detectives said the identified. 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