#413: My 2020 Year In Review Part 7 of 7 - Resolutions and Goals for 2021 - Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank podcast -


All right welcome back. The final part the final pitch in the fucking and twenty twenty year in review. What if long podcast at patrick. I'm sorry i thought i was going to do an hour and thirty one. Take all the way through my. It's also tell part. So when i'm those effigies so we're in this neighborhood behind us like graffiti and in ecuador burn this thing family like half a block down there lighting off fireworks. The kids are out. it's midnight you hear people like who they cannot here or there but the police like it's not allowed and some people get mad. The police like how come you know. They're having a part of the can do. it's not my law enforcement. They're supposed to be enforcing it children's like a little worried like if they call me. Gotta fuck born sidestreet. So it's recording. Yeah so We see they see asa wave ecuadorians. they don't wave. i don't get it. I mean it's like this. you don't get much way. You get a lot of one of stars you know when you pass by what else. Ds shit. Like that but holloway's anyway stewed from down there starts coming over. We're like okay. What is this. And he's like omega philli's on your new ever lease underway. And then he's like we're talking and he's like he's starts saying in spanish you know it's like i'm merely a no knock yet. S no kid. They don't wanna Do this whatever And they were like yeah. I got it Tony start speaking spanish llama. Cc's today today. Like i guess there's recognizes where you from dante on the aviva. You'll this somebody that never you're never york seek an in spanish how did you. How did you find out about this like you know. We did research it. Looks like such a cool six. Such a cool tradition exceeded on would have had. I can't speak spanish speaking english. And i'm trying my best. How can figure it out. And he's like Like you know. Tony's are saying about the people you got to forgive number grass and he's in the in the pants pocket like yeah the pocket we put it in. We burn it. He's like you know all the stuff in spanish you know and dotto and And then he's like we start talking but when he goes from new york he goes only thing he said in spanish. He goes to her police. Ya I don't know they say No permissible by a all. This you know. And then he goes like yossi. We're worried we're we're in spanish. We're rio so by up. And then he goes. Fuck the police english. She knew the police okay. Here's my resolutions. You guys got to leave yours in the comments below. Whatever reason i do this is because i find that if you list your resolutions something my ex manager wants to home is like what is your resolution sierra. All about like business but Show it to somebody. He hold yourself accountable when you quit smoking. If you don't tell anybody you eating quit smoking you know but if you tell a bunch of people will then you did quit smoking because they're gonna fuck in. Call you on it when you start smoking again. Okay here's my resolutions re to full books. That's harder than it seems to me. I barely i'd. I might have done more than two last year. But i don't know but i did finish jon benet.

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