Interest continues to grow in inaugural poet Amanda Gorman

What A Day


It's thursday wad squad and today we're celebrating an overnight success the poet. Amanda gorman who stole the show at the inauguration last week was just announced as a performer at the super bowl fifty five pre show in february not the halftime show. So doesn't have to come up with some songs really quickly. But you'll be reading original poem before the game which will be in tampa florida gorman also signed with i m g models this week which represents people like kate moss and chrissy teigen so giddy. I just wanna make an observation here. I feel like we didn't have breakout. Celebrities like this under trump. But can you think of any. We didn't have breakout celebrities like this but we certainly have. We certainly had some breakout celebrities. One guy mike lindell of my pillow. Dan bongino facebook and whatever else he does. There were there were there. Were some i don. They weren't of the. How shall we say caliber magic orbit. But i think that there there. There definitely were New celebs as it were that we had to contend with. Perhaps i think that's right. I think that there's like you know people who popped up for a variety of different reasons but not necessarily because we were all like yes. This is good and they are like the situations even when there were good people. I feel like the situations around them. We're not necessarily the best so it's just yeah all right. I guess. I'll take dan bongino as an answer guy who i. I'm assuming he has a podcast because he's angry white man. I feel like that. I can top hobbies for that type correct correct. Yeah i think he does and to me. The real gauge of amanda success is going to be when she beats his facebook post like when she starts when we look at those weekly facebook posts. And it's not all dan one through ten then. We'll know that she's i'm aged terribly. It is now much much older cares baseball.

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