A highlight from What's Wrong with Jake DeBrusk & Preparing for Zdeno Chara to Play the Bruins | Poke the Bear w/ Conor Ryan

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I'm doing well. I've been spending most of the day looking at stocks and not looking over Bruins tape. So it's been a productive day. Maybe not productive totally even though she just went on my phone for most of it, but All right, how you doing? I'm good. I I'm with you on the stocks. We talked a little stocks before we started recording. I wish both have no idea what we're talking about. But I thought oh, yeah that don't do not listen to us. So if you don't like, you know don't don't take advice from us, but it's funny. I used to be a I go in and out being a Reddit guy. Sometimes I'm really into Reddit thousands of not this is one of those times where I wish I was a Reddit guy cuz I would I would have a lot more money if I just said, you know what I'm going to throw like, you know, two hundred five hundred bucks on GameStop. Why not that you know get it on those redditors. But so now it's finding the next thing that decides is what people are going to do. So, I agree I was looking at stocks today. It's Wednesday. I was I skated a little bit outside the pond froze. It was crap ice. The ice was horrible. It was slush I could see I could see like water around the outskirts of the thing as they're probably dead. The out here, but I was fine. It was good. And as we've seen the past week talk about stocks going up the Bruins Stock's going up with the younger ones. I think it's time to buy or time to sell actually, excuse me. I'm to sell cuz could things get any better than this know. I mean you look at you know, three three wins in a row, they have to stop doing these games and giving these teams that are probably going to be in the playoff race of them an extra point. But you know, obviously Tuesday's win over the Penguins wasn't as I, you know, as clean as what you said from the the 611 over the fly is but good response from them Penguins tied up in the center and they went in OT again after that heinous in 330 Breakaway n o t which may be prompted Jim Rutherford to retire because that was so horrific Lee bad. I was going to tweet that and then I was like, I hope it cuz if Rutherford left off Like a like a legitimate reason write something was happening in his family or something. I would feel like a dick like my first thought was oh three on Old made him retire. All right. Yeah and which apparently use like, yeah just felt like it's time like I'm healthy. I walk five miles a day, which I can't tell the time. I've walked five miles on it. Yeah a little humble brag from Jim but I know but yeah, I mean they they get there. They still get two points Craig Smith sucking like a great signing that third line still looks like a complete buzzsaw right now based on the way they apply and so again, not perfect but it's a good team to do is bounce back from a rough stretch rough. And still get two points out of it. So things seem to be clicking pretty well for the team does injuries that are hitting them now, but you kind of look in the big picture where David Pasta Max probably coming back up against the Capitals. You have to feel pretty good with how this team is especially in some other areas of the game like, you know, power-play and penalty-kill, especially which will get you in a sec first. So let's do some injury news Jake debrusk log For Thursday night's game tonight's game against the Penguins don't really know his status going forward lower-body injury got hurt in a collision in the first period in Tuesday night's game how I mean it's funny debrusk has been one of the only guys up front who is stock has gone down we're going to do everything style. Everything is stock but he has he has the one shootout goal, which was nice. But other than that, I mean, he's really been almost non-existent. Yeah. No, he's been really fighting and it's been tough to kind of see him out there for extended stretches wage, even when he's granted. He's playing on his hand on the right side, but still when you're with uh the brochure online in your player who's been in the league for a while like Jack Anika and review work, you know struggling in that Top Line not expected, but you could see it being a situation regalix to Nico who's still very young and I got like joke, he's not really known as an offensive driver, but you would home. That depressed in that role giving you know how he plays when he's on his game. But at least we generating grade eight chances or you know, getting a few good looks on that you really haven't seen really that much of it is but yeah, I mean you look at just the way he plays and the fact that you haven't seen much from like it's so bad for the Bruins in terms of his absence you add that to the fact that they need to have passed an icon for tonight's game now. Can I have under Natasha for tonight's game it just more of a tour anytime soon. Yeah, who knows when Andre cash is coming back but more than anything. It just creates a long line of issue in terms of just finding the right pieces slot in there because now you have to push someone up to the top line with Bergeron, which might be Craig Smith again. It's tough even for one game to break up that third line Blake based on the way they're playing but it seems like that's going to be their their strategy if we want to roll off of what the lines were in practice where

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