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Listeners. If you have been keeping up with the episodes near the end of last year You may have listened to episode number two hundred eighty where i interviewed coach. Nancy son and she and i had a pretty extensive conversation About a person did. I didn't name who had experienced a stroke and i was just kind of pushing her a bit to say well. How would you apply some of your coaching techniques to help people get past. Self cancelling self critical thinking. How would you apply to someone. Were they actually have had a physical injury happened to them and it's not something they can think away. I was already looking forward to actually having that unnamed person on soon after i posted the episode with coach. Nancy and so my guest today is that person. He's a former parishioner of the church. That i pastor for many decades he continues to be a friend and he is also a listener to this podcast and his name is toby so toby i want to welcome you to the podcast. Hello everybody had pastoral. Care is to call your pastor. Kent surrey oh habby you keep blowing my cover listener. First-time caller yeah. Yeah well you know. Did you ever think that you would be actually one of the guests one day. I was hoping yes but now hundreds of kind of circumstance which is very special for today. Well before we get into what happened to you. Tell our listeners. What your business was what you all about. Because you're one of the top people in your field of. What was that all about. I was ruining my mic production company. Doing visual effects and documentary film work for various corporations like entertainment and business and also nonprofit international ministries travelling to different parts of the world to document a workout. they're missionaries. Yeah that was happening near the end of this working. Part of your your life right. And and i was reading your facebook posts and you're pretty pumped you're saying if you had to do your career over again. You would love to do this. Because you're hanging out with people that were your now heroes and and getting to share their their work with the world yes. I think you're definitely one of the most influential person in that part of the journey. 'cause you even your servants seriously talk about joseph campbell and hero's journey storytelling technique. The very inspiring. So i wanna be a story town of himself by either doing social worker documents documentary work. Well you certainly excelled at that. I remember the excitement of the missionaries that were in dr congo. When you went over there with the team within pastor sharon and they'd never had anyone document with video of the work that they were doing out in the bush but also in the kinshasa in the city with the women at risk right. Yeah one of the most memorable shots that you took that. I think they were astounded. By was in you. Use your drone technique and you had the team going down that that big river in the congo and the jungle but you have to aerial view. That was amazing. That's fun yeah so you had just completed a trip. To thailand i think it was with international ministries doing similar work capturing for promotional purposes. The work of these missionaries and and they're doing a lot of social justice work. How would you feel about that well. That's very interesting. As i was in my filming to work of missionary kimbro. She ran the clinic for children with developmental diseases. Very moving to you. Yeah the provide like were down syndrome or learning disability physical therapy speech therapy and then you finish your work and you flew back home to culver city out out here right. The westside of los angeles pick up the story as it changed for you then will flew back. The next morning woke up too skinny ready to drive my son to school. I was still able to walk and drive those feeding kind of funny like little bit. Dizzy nosso weakness. When i came home. That's when it happened stroke. Yeah so when you were starting to feel funny. Did you have any thoughts. I wonder if. I'm having a stroke. Did that even enter your mind now than ever enter my mind though idea. Did you think it was maybe after effects of all this international travel. Maybe you cut a bug in thailand. Something like that. Will there a couple of little funny stories that can tell you about that. Yeah first of all the symptoms are just feel left we miss and what does that mean. Mike host left side of body feel very heavy like i was actually sitting on a toilet. Sorry maybe too much information. No i feel like. I'm i was going to fall off the toilet. I did end up falling off the toy onto the floor was able to push myself up. The funny thing is i was still able to walk

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