Wrestling Legend Chris Jericho


You're listening to inside of you with my mom. I try to get ryan sitting down now from now on. That's what i wanna do if you're watching the wide shot which. I hope you're watching if you listen. You always watch. But you're sitting down and sitting down now and i you sitting there is. It feels like an authentic behind the scenes. Look at things. It feels good. Looks like you're looking down on me. Now get used to. It can change. The i got a new chair. It's really nice chair. I'm colorblind but i it's brown cracked you fucked with me right now. You could have been like no. It's green well. I got a green chair. I went to this place Tell you what i went. But like they had a bunch little signs like. Just relax. The more i see. Just relax and breathe the more. I take a second to do like those little things. Those little signs if you put little reminders around the house like when i wake up the first thing i see is dude. It could be worse. It's on a chalkboard and like hey you're alive like do something so just these little reminders. In life that we forget. I tried to go to bed and say my gratitude and i'm grateful for it may sound hokey but it works for me. So don't judge me. I want to thank everybody for listening. I hope everybody had a happy frigging new you happy new year. I am happy new year. Well this got be better than the last. We made it a howard. John jones song. Things can only get better. It's like that counting crows zone. Louis december. Yeah that's a sad song. It's real. Maybe i should go to the beach again. Remember meghan think ash should nine a nine a none whatever for sticking with me Miss show means a great deal to me as you know and we've got great guests common. I really worked hard to get some great guests here. I always do. And i'm knocking on doors. I'm i'm really doing the groundwork here. I'm alone on this with getting guest as you know so if you don't know a guest and you're like oh i'm here for jericho man and that's it. Please please give it another shot. Who even if you don't know gaster you'll through the back catalogue but Subscribe on the Youtube it's so easy. Just go inside of you on youtube inside of you with michael rose mommy. You just prescribe Review message me. I read them all. And then you could go on apple podcasts and you could leave a review just apple podcast and saudi with mike rosenbaum. It in store And then you could write a little review in that honestly what it does. Is it bumps up those that have more reviews because the more. What's the word prevalent. It does something to the algorithm because it makes them seem more relevant. It's has to do with the numbers and It's all about engage engagement. It really is so guys if you will if you take a thirty seconds in front of you saying hey the sucks or don't do that but you know you can be it helps with. I get so many emails guys from people. I just wanna say thank you to all of you. I wish i could say every name but you know saying hey your podcast helped me. Really you know hearing your episode with jennifer love hewitt or hearing with dax shepard whatever it is really up my anxiety therapy for me and i really love the podcast and that it really means a lot to me and i read all your comments and You know people who support the show even more on patriot and that's P. a. t. r. e. o. and hatred dot com slash inside and to support the show. Extra these people. I i never thought people would do that. But they become family and

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