Pepsi Will Cut Super Bowl Ads For Flagship Soda to Focus on Halftime Show

Mason & Ireland


One of the biggest and most reliable sponsors of the annual football extravaganza known as the super bowl. They're benching their traditional super bowl ads for its flagship soda. Instead they're going to quote double down on their existing twelve minutes in the pepsi super bowl halftime show and build it out like never before and quote according to a pepsi spokesperson. In fact many advertisers that might normally flock to the super bowl may not be able to take part this year. Due to the way the pandemic has affected business could the pandemic signal the end of multimillion dollar super bowl commercials as we know them. Swipe left or swipe right i. I think it's made. I'm swiping right especially for this year. I can see how companies won't won't spend ten million dollars to make a super bowl commercial. Yeah you know. here's the thing. There are a lot of categories of advertisers. Where doesn't doesn't make sense to advertise right now. You know there are restaurants in there are oh tells hotels and all these other sponsors. Yeah i think this year just as a one year thing this year because of the pandemic probably the multi-million dollar super bowl ad will not exist pepsi. You'll get a lot of bang out of their halftime show. They always do. I think it's the weekend this year.

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