685: A Little More Oomph (Stargate SG-1 'Cor-ai' to 'Solitudes')



St fund. The podcast where we talk about episodes of the original star s you want series spending more time on the episodes we like and a little less The ones that are less interesting. I'm tricia matson. I'm andrew bunches david job and today we Have three episodes in our sites Will talk briefly about koran than 'nigma antonin solitudes so andrew. Why don't you start us off with a recap of corre corre. I is an episode where she won visits the planet of cartel were. The natives put on trial for his crimes of the puppies. I prime the team argues both that he has changed and that he made the best decision to could under puffs to save lives but tilk is sentenced to death. He redeemed himself when the village is attacked again by attacking the invading defy and shielding villagers from harm. So i didn't have any great memories of this in the past before it again for for the bug us there are discussions about the nature of guilt and redemption. A revisit of what happens. In the pilot daniel stewart again and expiration of what tilk did during his tongue services for prime to surreptitiously help out his victims. Says there are good old. Good bits in but i think overall it just didn't hit home as well as it could be. I talked about how the emotional scenes the scene where the characters are going to try to have sort of a moment with each other often. Don't hit as hard as they could because the show is not great at writing. Those kinds of nuance scenes for characters is not really that much about character development. Then unfortunately it's the case here as well and it could have been so good because they are revisiting. Why is their friend. He did all these bad things to quit work for me but it does still sort of have a heart warming ending. It feels like it's definitely in tune in matching up with the rest of the season and the rest of the show. So you know it's it's still a decent stargate episode. If you have the time to watch it. I think but both didn't necessarily out a whole lot mythology to the series and it was very necessary and again there weren't any emotional moments that were needed. That's i think all i need to say about that. Yeah it's it's an okay episode. There are no cringing moments or anything like that. It's fine to watch it. It doesn't really add a lot to the continuity. Hope the universe that we need to revisit. There were a few things that interested me. When jack was back on earth trying to get hammond to sunday a military squad to break -til out of jail haymond refused because he says you know. Look at it this way. We don't forgive war criminals for everything we do. Jack is really indignant at the thought of tilk being a war criminal. But there's certainly an argument to be made for that. He is working on redeeming himself. Of course and it would be a waste if nothing else to let this. Valuable resource be disposed of let alone the actual friendships that have been developing but there there is an argument certainly for letting this trial process go through especially since -til has willingly surrendered himself to their process. I didn't watch. Maybe i will. I do think it's kind of funny. Though by the description it sounds like pretty much. The entire -til arc of the enemy within again where keokuk is in trouble gets thrown in jail and then beats up the right people and gets away with I want to argue with that. But i don't think i can just a bunch of the show. Did they got from the stargate movie that they made up for themselves. These really interesting situations. They got themselves in which could have so much sort of. I keep saying nuances probably a better way to describe it but you know ways of exploring the human condition and really profound and deep ways and this show just can't do it need a war criminal as part of a tune. Shouldn't that be a bigger part of what they talk about. Nope in most episodes just another team. Who's helping him out. He's a good guy in like a prestige show. This would have been a whole big arc where people were suspicious of 'em maybe and nope. Daniel dislike some now even though we hoped could sure. Yeah this show is new. The measure of a man. We're just not going to go into stuff that deeply the other thing about this though is that i will bring up. His dennard has mentioned that language. The pseudo language that they speak for sale really speak english but the pseudo language that they speak is latin so that will come into play with them. Solitudes which i thought was nice. Latin is much presuming a much greater than than ancient egyptian. Oh absolutely just one world building point in this when the jaffa come and attack of the villagers the jaffa shackle says to tilk. Your death will assure. My place is first prime for pompous in. That puzzled me because His first prime ship vacant all this time or does the sky hope that he will replace. Whoever is new i rhyme or what i think chuckle headed during the knox episode of already had the golden emblem on his forehead which i thought the golden emblem meant. You were first prime. That's what i thought too. I mean it looks cool whatever the meaning of it is. It looks cool. Oh yeah and also from a news tip would yeah. Shackles gone. So you're not seeing chocolate anymore. So i'm in the knox you're not going to see him after this z. I suspect that was just. They wanted to have that for the storyline. That shackled saying that dramatic line. You could have gotten it. That he was interim first prime maiming. Worried about other people. Trying to take his place. Okay onto enigma. David would you do the honors. St one arrives through a gate in the middle of a volcanic disaster. The tolan's to lennon's i dunno told on seem to have more technology than earth. They are not interested in saying much except one who is obviously infatuated with carter.

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