63: Tell Saki - Part I

Israel Story


A. And they told me that may be some clashes expected. We the syrian and should take five guys and go to hell sake not comes. Mission was to head to lookout spot. Close to the syrian border in order to be able to direct israeli artillery in case a small skirmish developed. I'm not comfortable to save. But at this age twenty. It's kind of fun excitement when your soldiers you wanna do something not to kill but you wanna do something i was. It'd be happy. Because since i came to the golan there was no fighting and in you are nineteen. That's what you want to do. Not to shoot from your tank on barrels but shooting syrian tanks. Hallelujah on each tank saving thing that we explode blown up. We used to get a bottle of champagne bottle of champagne. Companies happy though platoon is the best platoon in the army. Here comes now. I'm going to show them whether they can do is think those were nita. You can call me an outlaw. If you want okay mathieu him. I was nineteen. I was one of the youngest tank. Commanders in the brigade and robe-like months. I'm a dutchman. I was born in amsterdam. I'm not joyce another believer say. Okay especially after the war. All tank soldiers deployed in the area. Here's menachem again. We will raise with album from six day war. This generation of soldiers had been teenagers when israel experienced stunning victory of the six day. War and the ensuing euphoria dumbhead. I we Super bowl look super bowl. No one can beat us most had never been in active combat and we're looking forward to their turn at glory. Their case of champagne menachem himself had spent the six day war cowering a bomb shelter in jerusalem. His parents he's worked himself then in there the next time it will be different. He'll be out there fighting not stuck in some bunker and well you know the end. He told me but back to the southern golan to the regional command at el l. Where menachem had just been ordered to take four of his men and head immediately to the ten sake. Lookout post pointed me. This is lazy agasi. One of those four soldiers schlomo schlomo shaiken and ruining only i was in a bunker with one of my best friend ronnie sane when menachem came in dickov Hudson to go with him. And i remember me asking menaka. Can i join you also medicine. I have enough. As far as menachem. The commander was concerned. It was just one of those quick decisions to doesn't have any deep meaning. Just you know when they could. Cookie turned out that this choices was so bolton. Malcolm's random selection would end up ponting done for the rest of his life. Labial more determined to send up. In insistent to john maybe reiner with sylvia live. It's not logical but back all the time it does follow me right so while ordered to stay behind. Hq the soldiers menachem chose for the mission quickly gathered their equipment. I quickly finished praying stash. Might playbook right is put my left breast pocket and they lashed in this cloud of dust towards sucked menachem shlomo shaky lazy and gluttony. Along with the driver. Moshe levy climbed onto an abc. An armored personnel carrier left al and headed northeast. I was alone on the road. The chabad that yom kippur. No one is traveling after about ten fifteen minutes. They arrived at their destination. They'll sake small unimpressive hill. Not really high nine hundred feet above the surrounding plateau. But because it's too you can look end up. Sixty degrees all around. It was an unmanned position not protected by barbed wire minefields only by its natural covering of dry thorns and jagged volcanic rock the only substantial shelter on the hill was a small concrete bunker. I call it a bunker. People imagine a fortress. We're talking about a prophetic little room of very small. That's yakov sullivan. A former major in the one eight eight armored brigade and sort of their unofficial historian. Two point six on three point. Seven meters two corridors one each side but no doors just allow six soldiers to go to sleep. This concrete room wasn't buried in the ground. It was just sort of sitting there slightly below the peak with sue place to take shelter from light shooting but not heavy battle. As menachem crew drove to the top of the hill the serene view the plateau opened up in all directions. We climb up the small hill. I gave Assault instruction about the location around about our mission and there was nothing was silence

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