S2 E06: Rolling the dice more often

State of Mind


Kind of person like really just the type of friend you'd wanna share a beer whiz have cry with. Who's gonna be there to hug you if you're having a bad day. Cheer you up I really don't think i've ever seen him mad. Actually no i've never seen him mad Frustrated stress of course we all go through that. but he's really just. I would call him like a happy baby like the baby. That never cried when he was little the baby that just like set off in the corner entertaining himself. That's really scott in a nutshell. And that's sort of scott in a nutshell in two thousand eight scott help create guitar and online platform designed specifically to make software development of lot. Easier if you're not part of the tech world. There's a big chance that you have never heard about getup. In fact most people have never heard about it. it's crazy one of the most successful startups. New world is so unknown his also not very easy to understand what get up is even jennifer had a hard time grasping get up. Thus i only learned about six months into working there. And i was at a drink and we were having a conversation about the service and defunct the then the ceo one of the co founders sitting next week worth defunct. She means chris runs another one to get up. Co-founders and i was saying what i thought. Get hub did and defunct looks at me. And he's like way series. I mean thankfully already had the job clearly. The concept of guitar is hard to explain. Thankfully we found someone. This is tech journalist and reporter for wired magazine since finley what is get up get a combination of a few different things so on one hand one of the best analogies for it is google docs. It's this website. Said programmers can go to and they can host their code and other people can collaborate on it with them. They can make comments on particular parts or they can make suggestions for changes and everybody can look at it and see it and go back to previous versions that they need to. But it's also a place where programmers essentially published their code. You can go to get home and you can search for particular things. This is really only the beginning. Start get out was so useful and successful than microsoft approached and funding in twenty eighteen. I was not involved in the acquisition talks. I was kind of told about it right before. Because i think microsoft wanted me to to sign something saying that i wouldn't be a dick about it and and i was like what the acquisition price and then they said seven billion dollars and i said i'm not going to be dick about that at all. That would be totally fine with me. Just let me know what you want to do after. Get a whistle to microsoft and so all of a sudden. I all of the stock that i had all the time that i invested in get ghetto was liquid actually had money and i could do stuff in more opportunities open like pretty much any idea that that i have i can pursue that right i could start this company or i could you know by this thing or whatever and then you start to think about what do you actually want like what is important. Get up at very quickly becomes accessible company and one of the largest ticket visions in history. But how did scott to become involved in this project. Well it was very much in the same spirit of why it took. The professional level wine courses score was curious but kit and he wanted to figure out if there was a way of building a platform that could make his own software development process more efficient. I don't essentially what i wished i could have paid for but didn't exist. I was an open source developer. I was using source for was using these horrible get hosting solutions that around at the time and i wanted to us get and i liked it and i was superintendent and there was nothing around the solve. That problem and i did it. Because i wanted to see in my life then. I didn't really give a shit. Anybody else used it eventually. Scott met a group of software developers. Tom chris n. Pj they were starting to build that very things want it to exist and these guys were starting this this side project and wanted my help with with some of these technical aspects of it and then they said. Do you want to join us right. And just build out this thing. And so i started doing that and just like that. He quit a stable job to join a team of highly motivated. Divers had absolutely no idea about starting a business. I was the executive assistant to all. Four of the founders. The first assistant that any of them had ever had so. I'm the super experienced person. They had never had could executive assistant before. I was also older than two of them so that was also kind of

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