George Clooney defends Tom Cruise's COVID-19 rant

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Mission impossible. Staffers have reportedly quit after tom. Cruise flipped out a second time. Now remember the first rank talked about it yesterday. Listen to this girl right. So that's a little bit of it. That leaked audio was published by the sun after crew members reportedly broke kobe. Protocol in the new york. Times has confirmed it was authentic. Now a source tells the sun that. Tom lost it a second time after that tape went public. Now this supposed second rant was not caught on tape. Seventy don't have a clip of that but people are quitting apparently over his rants gory. Owlry is probably elliott. Husband uber waiting to get there. I told you guys this yesterday. People are not only extra sensitive right now. But everybody's gonna lawyer. Yes monitor coal just for thing in say like you. Verbally harassed me on barest a by reputation. You know all those things. And that's what what. Who is the keeper of tom. Who's keep you always have a job keeping tom. Okay for a person who is your keeper. They never let you go off twice the first. I was in the bathroom that second time. You cannot because you lawyers and everyone talks to you. Don't you get the impression that tom is the personality that you don't tell them what to do. Thomas his but he's so sweet. There was a black gay. Their onset be like go off says go all the way. The damage has already been done. Half of hollywood already agrees with you. Had george clooney come out and say he understands that tom was talking about. Because you're right and you're right yesterday and i agree with you. Tom cruise has a lot on this on the line on this movie. He's not only an actor in it. He's a producer and he wants to keep everybody safe. He wants to keep everybody pay me. He wants to give everybody employees. How can of all that. They've had to stop for covert reasons. There's been multiple delays in this movie. Right like the more delays more money costs every business knows that so i time it's like come on guys. We're never going to finish this movie. And i understand. That was the first the second time talking interrupting because very upset because the first time passionate before dying. The second time is going off is what you recorded me. How dare you say now how we forgiving. But that is a breach of trust you cannot record somebody without their knowledge and guess. What if one of you did it here. After on the first time in believe i'ma go off that is me up. Now you for cover protocols but now that you're lincoln me to the tabloids so that's the kind of atmosphere we're gonna have on this level up. I'm gonna remedy rallies.

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