A highlight from YPFHW - Facts Not Fear - Ep. 191 #2 - Jolie Diane & Dr. Cheryl


At the end. Thank you for joining us again. Joey welcome thank. You thank you. For how dr cheryl great to be here so you know we have this. These segments are extremely important for the freedom and liberty for us as we. The people The you know. The residents of the united states americans. You know i mean collectively everybody. That's here So we're continuing to talk about the covert situation the lockdown the mouse etc so jolie is here is to educate us even more About these issues. So and i think we'll start off with could news. Yeah definitely because there is good news And thank you so much for you. Know inviting me and you know having this topic At the forefront because really there is good news about this we found out that From the john hopkins report a recent report from this past month That there are no more deaths occurring as there are any other year. It's just following the same pattern that it has every year and additionally that you have a less than zero percent chance of getting the cove in and You have a greater than ninety nine point nine nine percent chance of recovering just fine. It's like a bad cold so the first thing would be just alleviate people's fear you don't have to be so afraid of this thing. Yes there's a code but it's turning out that it's not nearly as strong and severe as it's been marketed. As by the mainstream media the fear machine and so that's the first part of the good news and you know when we're talking about this there's also cures you know for this The hydroxy chloroquine and zinc vitamin c has been shown to work. If you listen to frontline doctors There are many videos on that or they go through and they talk about the things that have worked so if you get this in the early stages those not a problem so again we have to look at the bigger Agenda going on here. Why is this common flu. Bad flu being made out to be something that really isn't and so. I think that that's really. You know the good news that you don't have to be so afraid you just fine even if you did get this thing and can people really need to look at the statistics and you know the truth. Because i don't. I believe with the research

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