Snow, rain moves into the Washington DC region


But Amelia Draper has it for tonight Cloudy skies with lows in the twenties and low 30 size tomorrow in the thirties, is a wintry mix moves into the region. During the morning and midday hours and continues throughout the day for Washington and areas right around the district. This likely starts is a mix of rain and snow changing to all reign as the day wears on, with the chance for some sleet and freezing rain possible. Mainly all snow farther north and west of the metro area, and namely all rain in southern Maryland, parts of Prince George's and Anna Rondo. Counties inside of the Beltway accumulation amounts likely around an inch or less, and anything that falls and sticks will be melting by the evening hours as temperatures warm but into parts of Upper Montgomery, Louden and Frederick counties. We could see snowfall totals anywhere from 6 to 12 inches even higher and strong. Team four. Meteorologist

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