A Prayer for Your Teen's Faith


Us that we should be called children of god and that is what we are. The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him. I john three one. It's every parent's worry. How does my child continued trusting god when today's culture teaches him to question his faith. I discussed this topic with my team. His fresh perspective gave me renewed. Hope are open conversation uncovered. Three practical things. Parents can do to help our teens. Keep the faith in an increasingly faithless. World let's learn together to help our teens. State grounded in unshakable faith even in the midst of the madness one. It's not about controlling what they see but controlling what they see in you are teams may not always listen to what we say but they will absorb every detail of our actions. Are we displaying. Christ like character at home are retreating others with unconditional love and kindness. Do we rely on. God's word in times of trouble god scientists. To shine his light. Our kids will learn most about what it means to be a christ follower from watching our example to listen even when you dread what they might say. I want my kids to feel comfortable coming to me with their deepest thoughts and greatest fears. But i don't always heck like it. I need to create an atmosphere of trust a safe place to share burton's when we teach them about god at home is comforting. Peace will stay with them as they go about their daily lives. Let's pray our home will be a place of praising god and receiving his piece each day. Let's invite the holy spirit to buy their his presence will provide that safe place for them to speak and strength for us to listen home. Three reminder teen often who god says that they are god's word is alive powerful and true just hearing scripture spoken can revive her hearts and refresh tire bodies. We would never intentionally deprive our kids of the benefits of hearing what god says about them yet so often we busy schedules get in the way of proclaiming. God's goodness to our teams if my child has any question about how god sees him. This verse makes it clear sharing this promise with my team will give him confidence in who he is a child of the creator of the universe. Please pray with me. Your father's thank you for our children. Thank you for loving them even more than we do and for calling them out of darkness into your wonderful light. I peter two nine. They see a world of confusion here messages condemning their beliefs. Your word is more powerful than any negativity. That comes their way to help them. Keep their faith in you. Lord

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