A Childhood on the Farm


So let's jump off from one. Animal will benefit the other to talk about the family so moving to hear you describe this because it reminds me of students taking an environmental science class. And then there's the quiz lit and the flash cards and the phrase kurban sequestered and drew are false. This is learning by doing. And it's absolutely the way. Children learn best using all five senses in the three dimensional world. And you also mentioned joan about the changing of seasons and how the children are accustomed to that and learn the rhythm of that so one animal benefiting the other in your particular described to me that challenges and reward of. Let's start with. Sasha how does she benefit and tax and challenged the rest of the system right. Well i would say. Sasha is our observer and alert system for the families. she's really in tune when somebody's hurt or sick because she's always hyper focused on anything being out of balance essentially if she notices as a change to our rhythm change to our habits. She's the first to say. Why are we doing this or what's wrong about the situation. It's not what we're used to doing. The same goes for on the farm. She's the first one to come running in and say there's an injured goat. There is an injured goat coming into the house and she gets to say that sentence mom. There's an injured goat or or such and such goethe's in heat. We better breed them right now. Oh yes and how does she know about such and such goat well. She's been raised with them since she was born and so she knows their behavior. She knows all of them and their personalities and when they're acting different and with her their heat cycles she's aware that the fall is when they go into heat and she knows that they flagged their tails when they're ready flag their tail. They flagged their tails. Does it mean wave of back and forth her yup and she's smitten with a particular goat. Yes she has. A favourite goat considers it her child the goats name panda and it's an alpine dairy goat. That's funny yup. it's black and white. There is a year where we had a lot of black and white dulling so and they decided to name them all black and white name so there is like orca. Oreo and panda was one of them. Yeah so this is so much fun. This is someone because this is children's imagination applied to a practical purpose because those goats need names. You need to be able to distinguish them when she comes and says that panda is in heat. It's important for you to be able to picture which goat. She's talking about absolutely. She is alert when she comes in with the news on the continuum of excited and enthusiastic veg ing on alarm more panic. What's the tone. I would say it's equally both. I would say that to once she experiences says sees this she comes around in and it's like frantic furious. This is very important. You have to listen to me. So and so is doing this that or the other or so and so's injured and it's just i think it's giddiness that she is able to tell us that. And it's also that she is experiencing what's going on so she is. She's getting both those things going on in her brain at same

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