Is Multitasking Killing Your Business?


A few years ago in my software company. Women are ninja. I started to realize that many of our team members were really scattered. They were getting things done efficiently. Have the meeting after meeting. And every time we met their to do list would get longer and longer and the things. They said they would get done by. The next meeting was not done yet. We're moving at a snail's pace in every department. And i started to realize that i'm just giving my team very unstructured work. I'm just giving all a bunch of tasks a bunch of goals to hit. And i'm saying go at it and what's happening. Is that when you do this with your team. They can't help but feel the urge to work on multiple things at a time. Now you might be seeing what's wrong with that. What's wrong with working on many things at one time. I do this all the time. Well it's not the most efficient way to work and this has been proven time and time again. You can do a ton of research on this online. But i've done my own research. You can check it out. you cal. Newport's work his book deep work as a masterpiece. His ted talk is also worth watching. But let's take an example. Let's say you give your marketing department or your marketing person. Three things to do on to run facebook ads. A want you to also run an affiliate contests and i want you to redo all our email automations for email marketing when you tell somebody to do all three things and give them no structure. What happens is that they do something from each task every single day because they feel overwhelmed they want to do everything and they want to show you progress in each of those tasks now on its surface you might be like. Oh what's wrong with that. Well the problem is that you're wasting a lot of time when you're switching from one task to the next this is called context switching and it's very very costly if you're wearing on one thing and then you switch over to another it takes you some time to readjust your brain to get into the groove of this new task to get into the zone. Being in the zone and working on a project is high high value time. You don't wanna take that away from somebody in fact you want to keep them in the zone for as long as possible but when people are working on multiple things at one time they get in the zone they get disrupted. They have to get into the zone of the next task. That's a little bit of time. And then they could disrupt it again and they have to get into the phone again and not only is this taking a lotta time. But it's very draining. Drains your energy. So what happens is that they come to the next meeting. And they're like this is my progress and is actually very little progress for each of the three tasks they feel like they worked so hard but they really didn't make much progress. The problem with this is that they never get any momentum. Now compare this to if you do focus work. And you don't multitask instead of telling your marketing person. I want you to do three things. You say listen. There are three things we want accomplish. The first thing we're going to accomplish this is the only thing you're going to focus on and you're going to get it done by the end of the week and that's running a facebook ads campaign. This is all you gotta focus on. This is the goal. This is the criteria. This is the outcome. We're looking for what happens. Is that they just stay in the zone that task day in and day out until they complete it. They come back the next week. Say hey finish that task. It's done here the results already. They're working on a different different level. They have momentum. They have a win. They completed something and then they can shut the brain off from that task and work on the next task. You're going to give them. This needs to be done in every department with every kind of work you do in your business. This is up to you as a leader to build this into your culture. And i realized this of years ago and it really allowed me to be a lot more efficient with my team. Sometimes you're gonna have to remind team not to jump around even when you give them you know prescribed instructions. I do this with our engineers. I have a daily stand up with engineers every single day. We we meet for fifteen minutes. We talk about what they're going to work on today. Actually i talk about where they worked on yesterday and then whether going to work on today and then we really get laser focused. This is all you need to worry about today. This is the focus for today. This is the goal. This is the win why that way when they come to the meeting tomorrow when they come to the standup they feel proud. This is what i worked on yesterday at. Got it done. We gotta win. we can mark it off. I love showing numbers of show the progress. Okay now. We work on the next task. Multitasking dozen allow momentum multitasking. Doesn't allow you to get wins and give them motivation to keep going. It holds you back it. Hold your team all back so you wanna make sure you stay away from it at all costs

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