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In today's guest is former. Alpa employees kelly. Keller kelly under private pilot's license. When she was just twenty years old she comes from a family of aviation and she calls herself a spoiled brat of aviation which seems a little harsh until you realize. She grew up flying where their father and a stagger wing. For most of her youth she learned to fly in tabora so at age nineteen got a private licence at twenty and she's been flying ever since she's worked for textron. Ao pa and now. She's currently the regional sales manager for the southeast for garment kelly. Thanks so much for joining us on the there. I was podcast so kelly. You have quite a hair raising story about flying your family back. In one. seventy two from gaskins white river resort on the way back to hicks airfield. You're flying. you're flying clubs one seventy two and experienced an engine failure. Yeah it was. It was definitely kind of the perfect storm of of situations because it was supposed to be a husband and my baby moon so to speak at seven months pregnant with our first child and had him in the airplane Labrador retriever in the backseats. Obviously mailo co-pilot with me. Yeah we were going to gaskins. White river resort for one last hurrah. It was a great trip really recommend going but on the way back i was over. Really ozark ozark mountains without many airports nearby and smoke in the cockpit. That was my first indication that there is something wrong. Obviously and i could tell. It was kind of an oily smell. But at that point it's just troubleshooting and making sure that i couldn't see that there is anything obvious. Obviously on fire or anything fatso. It's daytime is weather in issued is cleared a million Daytime midday without eleven noon timeframe. Okay in a about what time of years this this is november. So this is november last year. Okay great and about what altitude were you cruising it. So at that time. I was about to say it was about thirty five hundred feet. I wasn't up super high africa. Main reasons i was on fire away. I did not file a flight land as you know probably very few listeners would have this problem but when sediments fragment you probably need to stop somewhere young so we were we were kind of kind of just on an the our flight plan all away and having a good time and Joying enjoying barklay gut. It's the you had about a three hour flight or so home beautiful day. You just had a fabulous vacation with your husband. And you just kinda sauntering back really you know you're going to stop somewhere and you're up at three thousand feet which looks like maybe it's roughly a thousand feet ag l. or sos based on the terrain up there in that part of the country. And just flying back enjoying yourself until all the sudden you kind of start to smell a little bit of something in. Did you say you saw some smoke. Pretty much immediately fell the cockpit and you know when when that happens you always think through what that might look like in in just in our training figure out what your action plan is but until that happens to you. It's really startling. So the first thing i did was has started troubleshooting. Okay is it. Electrical is clearly a fire knows. I opened up the windows just to try to get some mayor his. Obviously i'm very cognizant of of what i'm reading that i'm you open. Open up the windows. He'll the cabin heat. Which is a crucial component. When it came down to it once they killed the cabin he smoke stopped so it was like okay you know. It's it smelled oil. A tell it was something like that and at that point dover might well pressure gauge and it was at zero at that point mike. My husband's a mechanical engineer. He's used overcrowded in a drone engines. Actually so he's very aware of of what that means is well. Luckily i was already talking to air traffic control since i was on the afar calling for that that type of a trip so immediately off with them and get them to try to at least for me to the closest

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