Halo TV show will air in 2022, alongside Star Trek

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So viacomcbs held its big investor presentation paramount plus which is rebranded and rebooted version of an existing service called. Cbs all access. What did we get yesterday yesterday. There was this three. Plus our event designed to unveil the scope of paramount plus says this revamped version of cbs. All access in a kind of inauspicious. Start this event that was supposed to talk about how the company is going to be really competitive and streaming ended up starting half an hour late because they were having problems streaming so that wasn't a great place to start but generally the main focus last night was squarely on programming all the titles that they're going to be creating the originals the exclusives movies and shows that they're going to be leading into sort of cbs's stable of networks and brands and intellectual property in order to hopefully they hope draw new subscribers to service that has been around almost since the very beginning of services like this. Yeah let's take into that. Because cbs all access has largely been known for shows like star trek discovery and well star trek card and star trek. Lower deck's star trek. What else are we gave from paramount. Plus it how does it differ from. Was he this. All access had been about the last two years. Generally i would say that. The basic proposition of paramount plus is pretty similar to cbs. All access some of the things that make. Cbs all access a little bit. Different from other streaming services is baked into ciba's access. You get a live feed of Your local cbs channel most streaming on demand streaming services. Don't have both. I kind of live and on demand element integrated within them. That doesn't really change paramount. Plus the things that are going to be changing. Like i said it's really about how they're trying to expand people's concept of what's this entire company a includes and so what that is that they're going to be making a lot more originals based on things from comedy central and tv from nickelodeon there's going to be a rugrats boot and an entire new studio dedicated to avatar the last air bender Universe shows in shorts and movies and they're going to be leading really hard into the paramount. Pictures movie studio that the company also owns. They're going to be reviving some franchises from that movie studios past and they're also going to be bringing a few of paramount pictures new theatrical movies to permit plus to stream earlier than would be normal. This is nothing like hbo. Max streaming every single warner brothers. New movie the same day as it hit theaters but subscribers to promote plus a will have the opportunity to stream movies like quietly to the new mission impossible mission impossible. I think at seven on the of subscribers will be able to stream that basically a month and a half after those movies hit theaters. So for example quiet place equal you'll be able to stream in november. That's not as aggressive as as some other services but it does change the proposition. Little bet from what people were used to. Cvs all access right and so. Let's get some details. How what is the service actually launched and home was the cost and did it does it differ from. What's he has. All access was charging. Yeah well this is something. I was kind of surprised that this is going to be such a confusing transition. What's happening is in one week on march fourth they will essentially replace. Cbs all accesses premium tier with paramount plus in a launch on the fourth in the us and across countries some countries in latin america as a ten dollar a month subscription. And that gives you everything on the service. Add freight then in june going to widen paramount plus to be sickly launched a cheaper ad-supported limited tier. That's five dollars month so that's comparable with similar tier that's already on. Cbs all access. So both of the services have these kind of like cheaper ad-supported tears and premium more expensive inclusive tears but ammo plus is going to be rolling them out in. This staggered way which is going to create some confusion for current subscribers and also perspective subscribers know. There's going to be period of a few months where there's going to be multiple apps that have the cbs name in them was have the paramount name in them. And it's going to be hard. It's not as simple proposition for consumers to figure out what they wanna get and where they can actually get it with all those moving parts happening at once so we saw out some difficulty with. Hbo max when hbo max launched last year when they had not only at hbo max as an app out in the market but hbo go and hbo now still existed as made that transition. That was a really bumpy road for them for a while. Because of consumer confusion now add in the element that there is not only just like. Hey there's one subscription it's one price none of that change now. Add in the fact that you've got to tears which launches at one time one of which doesn't launch until another time and those things have different. They unlock different. So it does seem like it's setting up a really a really bumpy transition for them to

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