Vaccine Line Jumpers Heading Out To Hard-Hit Los Angeles Communities, Improperly Using Access Codes To Get Vaccinated Faster


Gavin Newsom is pledging to make changes in the state's access code for scheduling Cove it vaccination appointments. The system was too that up to help vulnerable people living in areas hit hard by the pandemic. But there's word that some people are abusing it. The Los Angeles Times first reported that some wealthier people in L. A in the Bay Area had gotten ahold of the access codes and were e mailing and texting them to friends and acquaintances to schedule vaccinations. That's even though they weren't eligible for the shots due to their age. Your job. L. A County supervisor Hilda Salih says she's outraged. I am not surprised. I'm disgusted. I am disgusted and I'm not disgusted at the work that we're doing. But I'm or disgusted about the behavior of people in the public that they're not being responsible and actually allowing for those communities that are the hardest hit. To be able to stand in line and get their vaccine. Newsome says. The state will change the code system in terms of people getting the codes were gonna go away from group codes to individual codes, and we're working with the county's on that we don't like to see those abuses. Some nonprofits that received the codes say they've stopped handing them out out of concern that vaccine doses will not go to the right people.

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