A new way to invest that doesn't involve buying stocks hyped on Reddit


So lately. All the buzz his been about well. Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Bitcoin recently fifty thousand dollars a bitcoin and people who've been buying the stocks that are being touted on read it and it was all that mess that went on with Game stop and other stocks. That went up like rockets and then like rockets can do crash back down to earth and my son is in this investing group at school. He's fifteen and they're investing not real money but they all have their stock portfolios and wanna read you to texts from him from this morning. They're really funny. Is said in the last nineteen minutes. My stock portfolio dropped by six sixty. Then he texts me eight minutes later and these eh. then it went up by eight hundred dollars. And i the other night. When he was trapped. In the car with me i started boring. I'm trying to talk about how my philosophies investing work very differently than matt worrying about day trading and options and all. That was going to happen up to the minute and if you thought a father could be more irrelevant to sun then i was that minute you you couldn't be no interest in anything i was saying because to him. This is sport and that's what investing has been of late call. Investing is really speculating. And that's not my thing. I mean i'm the dulles person alive and i invest in a dull way because the ideas i wanna make money over time and so. That's why i get excited about really accessible. Investing opportunities for small investors did allow you to build reasonable wealth over time instead of trying to get the quick score and my son's a sharp kid hill. Eventually get it and will not that. It matters what you're buying and selling minute by minute. And by the way he's asked me if he can have a real investing account. Will you know you'd have to have what's called a custodial said yeah yeah where where you were the pretend owner but i'm the one doing the investing and i don't know what to do you know. Give them a couple of hundred dollars and let him play. And maybe learn the value of term investing. But you know it fifteen. What is long term. That's like three days from now. It's hard to explain a concept where you build wealth over time well do you know goldman sachs is goldman sachs is for rich people like crista. People was massive amounts of money. Who work with a personal financial manager. Who handles their money for them. That's right krista. That's what you do with your millions. Yeah no no okay. So there are. There are very wealthy people. That's what they do and goldman sachs has been doing some stuff lately that doesn't fit at all their historical pedigree They're the ones that issue the apple card for people that have the apple credit card and they have Savings accounts and all that kind of thing with no minimums will now. They've launched some cold. Marcus invest which allows people to use goldman sachs incredible financial analysis investment analysis till build robo investing portfolios for you using very low cost funds. And this is something you would ask somebody. Ten years ago if goldman sachs would ever being looking to provide investments an investment advice to everyday ordinary. People they'd say you're crazy. That will never happen. Well they're not doing what fidelity investments does where a dollar is enough to open an account many cases schwab one hundred dollars. They're doing what vanguard. Does you have to have a thousand bucks to open an account but once you have that thousand you can get advice that is tailored to your personal financial goals and outlook. The money can be and a retirement account or an investment account use what are known is exchange traded funds. Etf's and typically for the advice and the investments you pay roughly a third of a percent per year for them to handle your money. So i guess ten thousand dollars be thirty five bucks a year. Is that right. I think that's about right. three dollars. Fifty cents on a thousand. I think that's right so this is an opportunity for you to do. Investing through the nation's big boys big money houses and their whole business plan is pretty similar to what you'd have if you were with Betterment or wealth front that really started this whole investing idea. And i'm sure neither of them are very happy the goldman sachs through. Marcus invest is playing in their ballpark.

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