US implicates Saudi crown prince in journalist's killing


I'm anthony davis saudi arabia's crown prince likely approved the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi inside the saudi consulate in istanbul. According to a newly declassified us intelligence report released friday that instantly ratcheted up pressure on the biden administration to hold the kingdom accountable for a murder that drew worldwide outrage. The intelligence findings were long known to many us officials and even as they remain classified have been reported with varying degrees of precision but the public rebuke of crown prince. Mohammed bin. Salman is still a touchstone in us saudi relations. It leaves no doubt that as the prints continues in his powerful role and likely ascends to the throne. Americans will forever associated with the brutal killing of a journalist who promoted democracy and human rights yet even as the biden administration released the findings it appeared determined to preserve the saudi relationship by avoiding direct punishment of the prince himself despite demands from some congressional democrats and kashogi allies for significant and targeted sanctions. Saudi arabia's foreign ministry responded by saying the kingdom categorically rejects the offensive and incorrect assessment in the report pertaining to the kingdom's leadership democrats in congress praised the administration for releasing the report the trump administration had refused to do so but urge to take more aggressive actions including against the prince representative adam schiff champion of the house. Intelligence committee urged the biden administration

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