Is Saka Arsenal’s best player?



Committee espn fc. Shock his lops fashion. Salazar with you in studio shock. I don't know if you saw yesterday's show. We had a heated discussion over whether the of religion have been reduced to ten men against round madrid in the champions league. We will keep that debate going a little bit later today. Show some different faces to mix it up steve nicol. We'll be by for that joining us now. Though stuart robson julian laurent don hutchison. It is thursday which most importantly mean shaq is power rankings. Most importantly means europa. League will start in greece for arsenal. Beat benfica come from behind in this one. They went three to two advanced. Four three on aggregate a bombing with a couple of goals. Kieran tierney As well jill's. I'll start with you. Just how big was this for arson to advance the round of sixteen in europa league the result of course and qualifying but also the fact that they came from behind. He's he's been very very rare season. I think he was only the second time where they went behind and then ended up winning again we against southampton in the league. The game saint. Mary's but apart from that every time they were behind every time they considered. I couldn't come back and win it so to do that logically would be huge tonight. Plus also the quantification the momentum before the game leicester on sunday and also of course the two goes for obama. Young and the to assists for psychiatry. And i think we need to find you. Were to qualify an amazing player. Bouquets in one thousand nine dong cossack is he. I think he's that best plass sevi- mono people say about me on gets the goals and they rely on. His goal is true. But i think when i watch young suck apply. I think he's got a lot look at his temperament. Look at the way he plays the game. You can tell. Light loves playing football. He's got smile on his face. He's a choose infectious at the training ground when he's playing but talent wise he's got a wonderful less or you can goes pass. Players phone can go either way. Turn the pace again. He works back. He's got a lot really. I mean he must be a manager's dream robbo arsenals best player. he's right up. Two games in the corrected goes for obama yang and that was the difference between the two sides been fieger. I thought place nice football today. But they had no cutting edge going forward whereas cutting edge liquid trying to break off sidelines. Saka was coming in it and those little round the corner obama gang trying to running behind whereas been fake. If all that good fly times just had no cutting edge shocker arsenal just getting it down today just but last questions about about soccer. Yes he in my mind. He is arsenal's best and most important and ask those third goal goal. That takes them to the next round sums it up one more the defender a couple of crossovers defended doesn't know whether he's going to go. Righto left come back onto onto left and picks a fight bullets. Who just onsides 'cause on maybe man because of his two goals headlines but but for me also is a vote soccer and so much of their good plea comes from from his unpredictability from just clever. He is on the ball and for me without question. That teams suffers most without without saka more than anybody else other

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