Seattle City Council candidate was charged with assault, harassment after 2015 confrontation


City Council candidates arrest several years ago has come to light as we hear from Kemal's Bill O'Neill. The Seattle Times reports. Mike McQuaid was charged with harassment in 2015 police report shows McQuaid became upset with some landscape working outside of his Wesley condo. And got into an argument with a man there. That led to McQuaid, threatening the man with a saw and throwing a rock at him, but quite agreed to a deferred prosecution. Gross misdemeanor charges were dismissed in 2018 after he served a year probation. He also spent 24 hours is part of a work crew. Cueto is running for council Position eight, which is currently held by Theresa Mosqueda tells the times what happened frightened him. He says he would have avoided the situation. If he had to do it over again and wishes he could take what happened back.

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