Afternoon. I'm half Thurston. We're talking about Washington D. C. Now there's a move afoot. A nice support. This


Way, there's a there's a path that states take to a stated and D C has done this the District of Columbia so they had to satisfy forking. Auditions before they were able to file and an Ebeling act with Congress. So the first thing is, they had to affirm their desire to become a state. 86% of voters supported the Washington D. C Admissions Act check They ratified a state constitution check. They established new state boundaries, which would preserve a smaller federal district required by the Constitution. However, that one has not been enacted at this point in time, but the people have approved that. They committed to a Republican form of government that is representative with elected officials, including the election of United States, senators and representatives on equal footing with the other states in the union. It's called the Tennessee plan, and a bill has to pass the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate

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