More snow on the way after snow storm hits Chicago area


Story story story story story this this this this this morning morning continues continues to to be be the the snow. snow. Snow Snow was was still still falling falling across across the the Chicago Chicago area area this this morning morning in in a a winter winter storm storm warning warning remains remains in in effect effect until until 5 5 p.m.. p.m.. For For much much of the region. Difficult travel conditions likely to continue through the day and several more inches of snow possible in some areas with Lake enhancement the issue later today through parts of the lakefront communities of Lake County, Illinois, Cook County and in northwest Indiana. Northeast winds gusting is high is 30 MPH have led to some blowing and drifting snow across the area. We do have some more snow totals in for you. 4.6 inches in buffalo Grove as of seven o'clock this morning 4.1 inches in Winnebago, four inches and Lyle 3.5 inches in Elgin 2.5 inches in Lamont. 1.5 inches in ST Streeter and 1.4 inches in Crown Point, the latest on the stone this morning from one of our reporters out, innit? WGN's Glenn Marshall is on North Lake Shore Drive where he says the roads have been cleared. We've been down here since about maybe 3 30 this morning and we saw the roles continuously. Just Growing increase with just being moderate traffic That's happening right here. Now It's pretty busy. Cars are moving at a speed limit. As you know, normal here, probably about 45 MPH, which is the speed limit here on North North Lake Lake Shore Shore Drive Drive in in this this area area right right here, here, not not seeing seeing any any issues. issues. We We have have seen seen a a lot lot of of plow plow trucks. trucks. We We have have seen seen a a lot lot of of salt salt trucks. trucks. On On the the main main roles roles here, here, like like on on Lakeshore Lakeshore drive, But when you go into the neighborhoods, I'm hearing reports that it's not as clear as it is on the street. So if you're definitely getting out there on the rolls, you definitely want to take some time to clear your vehicle and be prepared. There are some

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