New Agent (or Returning Agent) Immediate Action Plan


Three to one and we're back. It is january the twentieth. It is inauguration day. I understand our new president will be standing in front of a bunch of lights and flags as he takes the oath of office. Not quite the same as a normal inauguration but a historic day nonetheless. And that's the end of our political banter for today's podcast actual factual okay. So we meant to talk about this topic yesterday and frankly we got hooked into talking about zillow which was something that. I'm glad we talked about because many of you reacted very positively as we were. I think confirming a lot of your suspicions. About the fact that zillow is definitely not your business partner in the sense that You know a business partner abnormal normally be helping you and your business lewis definitely been waiting in the tall grass for over a decade Essentially to displace you to disinter mediate you and clearly. That is what they're doing so we talked about that yesterday. Make sure you listen to yesterday's podcast the day before that we were talking about this very topic in this topic is something that is near and dear to our hearts because of the fact that we have so many people joining our coaching business You know coaching business focuses primarily on teaching agents that complete system a system. That's designed to get them into taking listing so our businesses primarily focused on agents. Who will learn how to be listing agents. Because frankly we know. Obviously we touch on the buyer side. We touch on building team writing staff. We do all that stuff. But we want your focus on being powerful listing agent. Because that is where you ultimately get the most leverage that is regenerate the most profits. Frankly and that's how you create a real business Focusing on buyers as we discussed yesterday a bit of a perilous path going forward. If you have not listened to that podcast please listen. Because i think you'll be very very clear that the buyer agent business as it's been really i think prevalent since the ninety s when buyer agents became a thing. I think you really gonna discovered that might not be the future you over invest in giving what zillow and so many other companies are doing so. Please go back and listen to a podcast from yesterday. But today's podcast is a continuation. It's a focus on what action steps. You should be taking now. If you're a new aged or really. I returning agent and my by returning. I mean getting back in the business but maybe returning emotionally to recommitting to your real estate career. Is that about right julie. That's right. So i think a lot of these points. Apply to everyone as a revisit to your education. You can take any one of these points even if you are a fairly grizzled veterans. You know what. I need to brush up on that. I find that you know embracing the fact that knowledge equals. Confidence in ignorance equals fear. That's one of the core things here right. So i find a lot of returning agents new agents newer agents. They have kind of like an education deficit and experienced deficit. And that's really hard to just like give someone but these points are designed to shorten that learning curve. You have to acknowledge the fact. And i don't want to. We won't drill down on this too far. But it's really important that you acknowledge the fact that You're probably in a there's what four distinct arguably five distinct phases of learning phases of mastery. There's a incompetence conscious competence. There's there's what's the next one. Let's say you start out unconsciously incompetent. These views means. You don't know what you don't know literally what they mean unconscious incompetent. You don't even know that their stuff you don't know until usually something kicks your butt and then you move into the next stage which is consciously incompetent now. You have an awareness of your incompetence. This is usually when people invest in coaching Then you start to have conscious competence. You are working on your skills but you still have to be conscious of the competency. You're working on like getting your relisting package in gear and having a really great predictable listing presentation but you having to make the efforts. You're consciously competent. It takes mental and emotional effort. Because it's not you're not on autopilot in the last basis unconscious competence. That's where you don't have to think about it anymore. And then some people would argue that. There's a face beyond that but just for the sake of expediency and explaining what we want you guys to understand is chances are if you're new. Well not chances are if you're new in the business you're unconsciously incompetent in other words you don't know what you don't know if you're a returning in the business maybe you've had a bunch of false starts. You're in that same face to and that phase is not something to be ashamed of. That phase is something to be embraced because it means that you're basically a blank slate. Now this is also the most vulnerable phase that you can be and because you're gonna be susceptible to charlatans you're gonna be susceptible to snake oil salesman you're gonna be susceptible to people selling your shiny objects

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