New York PD To Bulk Up City Hall Security Ahead of Inauguration


Her arm before being taken to Lenox Hill Hospital. New Yorkers reacting to the stepped up security measures, both within the city and elsewhere ahead of President elect you abides Inauguration James Flipping is more National Guard troops posted in Washington D. C. Just one example the NYPD also increasing the number of cops at City Hall in Manhattan. And in Trenton, Hartford, up in Albany law enforcement on high alert after reports of possible protests, most New Yorkers taking it in stride. I don't think anything's gonna happen, just building it up and scaring people any food and go to the state capital right now, with this stuff they got over there, You begged him for everybody's lying. Nobody's telling the truth. Is a handful of people who know what's really going on, and we're not part of that group. One thing's for sure. As President Trump leaves office, the road closures and tight

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