Migration chief calls for all displaced to be included in national COVID-19 vaccination plans

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Head of the un migration agency iom is strongly advocating for governments everywhere to respect the fundamental right of healthcare when it comes to ensuring vulnerable migrants in the displaced get equal access to covid nineteen vaccines in an interview for us news antonio vitorino once migrants to be included in all plants regardless of their legal status adding that im stands ready to provide practical support to countries who need help battling the pandemic iom's. Greta began by asking the right. To general to outline the overall impact of the pandemic on migrants and the displaced coming matinees had an enormous impact on people on the move first for most that house impact because usually migrants leaving very crowded lively places households and of course they are prone to be infected. And secondly we've lockdown with travel restrictions. There are almost three million migrants blocked stranded all over the world so there are also impact and also social economic impact very serious ones that Underline the vulnerabilities tyrants everywhere in the world. It seems that there's not really going to be back scenes for everyone immediately. And i was wondering if you could tell us i o n recommendations regarding the prioritization and the inclusion of migrants in the various vaccine plans that national governments are putting in place. We've telling me advocate to have and refugees internally displaced people fully include in the vaccination plans you respected their legal status because as the secretary general of the united nations are very clearly. No omni safe a delivery body safe so the reasoning for the interest of the host communities. He's also to guarantee that the migrants irrespective of their legal status have access to national vaccination plans. And what does that mean exactly. Are you asking for a special treatment. No not special treatment to follow the criteria they used for nationals being applied to non nationals. Which means recognizing those wanting more vulnerable positions where co mobility's who have because of their age take risks extra risks of being community so it's an equal treatment but in these equal treatment. Everybody's were getting greedy then. Do you feel like governments around. The world are receiving got message. They're understanding the importance of facing their privatization on public. Health principles rather than immigration status principles. I think that other quite a number of countries worldwide presence texas State of texas in the united states or portugal are even countries in latin america like ecuador. Why are accepting the presence and the excess of migrants to not just the testing mechanism. Put also through the vaccination mechanisms. But i still think that there are a number of countries that have not realized that it is the interest of the entire community to have migrants fully integrated in the vaccination plans. So that is worth to back. Many migrants are finding themselves a nine irregular situations and may fear. That could be arrested or deported. If they show up to get vaccinated. What can the government do in order to preempt to that. I think that there is a green simple which is the respect for the fundamental riley for healthcare. And that's why the show. And i supports the claim for universal health coverage and we know that a difficulty there because sometimes migrants especially the ones we ne- regular situation reluctant to have recourse to the national health system. Because they are afraid of being detained or deported. The key issue is to get into the trust and mutual confidence with those migrants and to guarantee them that there will be no law enforcement implications for having access to healthcare and especially to the vaccination process. And those who feel that maybe The vaccine has not been properly shot. There's a lotta vaccine hesitancy going around not just on the curve the vaccine on other vaccines as well. What is your message to migrants displaced persons around the world regarding covid nineteen vaccine. I think that the vaccines always f- some risks. But at the couldn't situation. After current moment i think there is sufficient evidence from the scientific and technical point of view that the vaccines that will be available are safe and they guaranteed the protection of the person's against the virus. So my message is very clear. I think that it is absolutely necessary that each one takes get off feels out house. Eckenroth congress possibly using the mosque washing the ants but at the same time every score recourse to the vaccines that is a tool medical put at their disposal to protect them against these very aggressive. Fire that we are confronted

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