Some healthcare workers refuse to take COVID-19 vaccine


Officials in New York say they faced skepticism among some health care workers refusing to be vaccinated for the coronavirus. NPR's Brian Mann reports a campaign is under way to convince hundreds of thousands of New York doctors and nurses to take the vaccine. New York has made frontline health workers a top priority for vaccinations. But speaking during coronavirus briefing the head of New York City's vast public health system, Dr Mitchell Katz acknowledged a lot of workers or saying know these people. Worked in the trenches for the last 10 months, taking care of one covert patient after another, and it's not shocking that many of them feel like Hey, I got through this If I didn't get sick after doing all of this, I'm not going to get sick. Officials say they need more than 70% of health workers vaccinated to help protect hospitals, nursing homes. And other facilities from

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