How to tell if clothing was made for a factory outlet

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So malls are in serious trouble. Lot life support others have already died. number of malls may be somewhere seven to ten percent of malls. Have a real future as a mall and you think abou- what malls have been about. They've been about brand name clothing and other brand name items. There used to be these things called department stores You might have to look and An online encyclopedia to know it. A department store is. I'm exaggerating but come on department. Stores are irrelevant now. So what do you do. If you're a brand name you feel like you have to go into business for yourself. And that's why there are these outlet centers on the edges of metro areas and interest areas. All over the country in so you go to these things. I'll be brand name. This brand name that brand name the other. But there's something that is a dirty little secret of shopping at these outlet centers and that is the merchandise at the outlet centers. Overwhelmingly even though it has the same brand name is not the same merchandise that would be sold in one of the few remaining malls or in one of the few remaining department stores or a non outlet outlet nine outlet center store of that brand and the the manufacturers typically will have a secret code on their clothing. Labels bid identifies for their employees. Or if you try to sell on one of the second hand sites Brand name goods or designer labels there's a labeling system that tells them that it was merchandised it was never top-drawer stuff that it was always specifically designed for a factory outlet center and the crazy coupon lady. Who so good at this stuff. That's really what she calls herself. Her blog is the crazy. Coupon lady dot com crazy spelled with a k. kra z. y. Has a guide telling you for each brand how you could tell it a factory. Let of the major brands whether an item is a first grade garment or a second grade that was specifically made from the original design to be a lower quality stitched item lower quality fabric lower quality over all item to hit a lower price. Point for a factory outlet just to give you examples banana republic put three stars on an item just below the name banana republic on the tag Kate spade has its own special symbol. That's different for an outlet item. Then it is for otherwise gap does three squares on. Its tags that lets someone know that it is something that was always made for an outlet and then when you go to ralph lauren store ralph lauren. However you like to say it the way they do The word loren loren. However you like it tells you that the item was an item specifically made at lower quality to be in a discount outlet and it goes on like that. If you want to know for brands you love how to spot the top items versus the ones that are designed from the ground up to being lower quality

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