A highlight from Prof. Murat Kantarcioglu, Professor of Computer Science at The University of Texas at Dallas

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Explore emerging ideas from signs policy economics and technology. My name is gill. Eappen we talk with woods leading academics and experts about the recent research or generally of topical interest scientific senses at unstructured conversation with no agenda or preparation be color. A wide variety of the main new discoveries are made and new technologies are developed on a daily basis. The most interested in how new ideas affect society and help educate the world how to pursue rewarding and enjoyable life rooted in signs logic at inflammation v seek knowledge without boundaries or constraints and provide edited content of conversations bit researchers and leaders who low what they do a companion blog to this. Podcast can be found at scientific sense dot com and displayed. Guest is available on over a dozen platforms and directly at scientific sense dot net. If you have suggestions for topics guests at other ideas please send up to info at scientific sense dot com and i can be reached at gil at eappen dot info mike. Yesterday's pseudo. Who is professor of computer. Science and director of the data security and privacy lab at the university of texas dallas moods research focus on the integration of was security machine learning data signs and blockchain's creating technologies that gimmick to champion secularly store at advice and share data and machine learning the songs Thanks thanks for having me. Thanks for doing this. I want to start with one of your papers. Entitled security big data each of a You say increasingly organizations collecting Loss of data to build complex st at lenox she'd letting the models. Furthermore the date needed for building such martyrs smitty unstructured such data may be stored in different data management system. Some of the relational databases some of the no sequel databases became a complex set infrastructure data stored in you say Data scientists an increasingly using getting languages like python. An are the process them so In such a situation one of these us is is obviously out to companies seek. You'll the state especially Privacy concerns like yeah. I think our arguments in that vision. Papers that you need to really Reconsider the entire of big data supply chain with secret privacy in mind and of course the privacy concerns The price motivation is come from the compliance aspect Judy pr european privacy. law or -fornia now a new price legisation across companies to activate I mean have certain Protections in place therefore there is urgent need to consider these aspects. And of course especially as as companies become more enabled detract to use their data sources there of course collecting more more more and more data and of course Depending on the company could be simple records but those shorting out healthcare you may have image states such as rays or

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