The Candace Owens Show: Jacki Deason - burst 5


They will create content and we are the people in america that are eating up all of the content that they're creating which made me think this is unconscionable i can no longer Support support or support. I mean say live and let live and now adamantly opposed to pornography instead of drugs you know talk about people talking about oh the mexican drug lords are so horrible. The colombian drug lords horrible will. Who are they getting it to. We are their number one clients. We are the consumers of drugs. Is i mean. It's not just fascinating to consider america as the number one consumer of things that are so horrible while and it reminds me of a video. You may wear. It says you know we are the problem. america. Like i love my country. You know i'm. I'm very no-one tears up faster than me when the flag goes up and i'm a i'm a total patriot. I love my country. We had to be honest. We are human institutions government and people and so we have flaws. We do some things wonderfully in better than anyone else in. There are some things that aren't good and one of them is what happens when you have a permissive culture with pornography briefed understand congress. There's it's not as simple as you think it is because people don't look the same images all the time we actually from brain science that they want more and more. There's a little piece of the population is deviant and they will seek out things like videos that are pornography of people being hurt injured or killed in the porn snuff porn or pedophilia. Little children being harmed and when we are permissive this this will inevitably come to pass and it has come to pass and sex trafficking is actually huge in texas is supposed to be a six hundred million dollars business annually in texas because literally we have this porous border and where illegal things move like drugs. People move with it. Human trafficking in contraband go hand in hand is the same people. In the same locations they come in through texas and other places and there's actually a thriving business here in texas and the average age of the victim according to the dallas morning news is thirteen. Wow this is happening right down the street. Promise you some child is being raped and i'm so sorry to be negative dark. This is so important to understand. Everyone should know this and not closed. There is to it. So it's a bipartisan issue. I mean i've seen lots of republicans and democrats work together to try to put a stop to it but we need to be honest about the cause. The demand for the product is here. It's among us. You probably know people who are part of this and you don't realize they have to be all around you if it's a six hundred million dollar business just here in dallas being capital of it we have to take responsibility for the poorest border first of all like we need to shutdown leading this come in from outside the country. We'd still have some would be manageable. I think but also Just knowing that it we think there a victimless crimes. You know what maybe the dehumanization of a woman as a form of entertainment isn't a great form of entertainment. Maybe there are consequences in fallout from that commoditisation of a woman or obsessed or married at the think it cheapens sex marriage and the institutions. That really are the basic fundamental building block of the society. The family right. How can it not be destructive to the family in the same briefing. They said look if a man looks at a super hot woman in a pornographic film and then another and another and then another guess. His wife looks like less attractive by contrast After that just like if you're driving chevette and you see lots of cadillacs go by. You're going to prefer the cadillac. Even if it's not you know in this case these images are even real right now. They have all kinds of ways to actually make women who don't really look the way they looking in You know there's a lot you can do with film and photoshop's in whatever

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