The Role of Business in Political Change, with Christine Lagorio-Chafkin



Christine. Welcome to the show. Thank you for having me. Let's pleasure talk to you. we're you recently. Wrote an article title inc magazine titled business leaders spoke up after the capital riot. Will their voices remain strong. So first question. I have for you is. Was that really a strong response by business. Yeah i i think that it was at i sort of a subtle response and then all of a sudden the the sort of numbers of responses grew and grew and snowballed so quickly. I just had never seen like this. This letter signed by close to two hundred. Ceo is urging congress to accept the election results and ensure no further delay in the orderly transfer power than the business roundtable the us chamber of commerce. The national association manufacturers like everyone was speaking up and it was almost as rush to just show support of our democracy which is not a crazy idea. Of course the sheer numbers. If you looked at twitter users everyone and linked in you start every business leader just putting their foot down and saying. This is unacceptable I don't think it was overly shocking in that. Like i said like every business wants on kind of order and and any instability is bad for business right like this. It wasn't a political statement. At first it was just a hey like respect the rule of law And and i think that you know business did step up in in a way there. And i thought that that was sort of meaning fall whether it was a hugely political choice. I i think is is still up for debate at so. It seemed like that also came the last minute. I was sort of building to ahead and and seemed to me. In many cases came serve even after the fact and after the factor january six and I dunno seems are opportunistic to me to some degree and that you know how much of the business response was shaped by the prospect of bill. Democrats both senate seats in georgia and and sort the desire to be in the good graces. Now they're going to be the party empower every time. We see the transition of power from party to party. We see And i think silicon valley is a really good good kind of bellwether of this obscene. it Every every transition and now that silicon valley has so much lobbying power to money invested We've seen that shift already Just like we did for years ago. it seemed more subtle than and now it because of the instability and because of the events of january six like it was very abrupt and we saw it immediately we saw. Vc's tweeting just very very much more political than you know the leaders of banks and Very big businesses. But they were. They were tweeting Very politically and i think that they opened up a bit more right and they felt a lot more freedom to if they were already democrats Speak their mind for sure. Well yeah it's so our struck me. Was i guess still surf. How few are individual business. Leaders spoke out. I mean there are certainly the collective groups in the business groups. You've had that letter signed by ceo's but seemed like sarajevo. A safe thing to do is we came into the beginning of january and the the past administrations still seem to be doubling down on their their story about the the elections are one Trying to say it as nicely as possible. It seems to me it's like geez. How did why do january sixth bridge too far now if what you really value is stability above all things in the case of business you know you want predictable markets and the like that you sell into. Yeah it seems seems like almost too little too late given the impact that could have because there are some school thought and we'll get into it. The businesses actually should be playing a larger role in societal and political change. I think that that's really interesting. And of course true. I think that you know for me. As a reporter. I follow what happens on social media And what how these these big social companies work and how the smaller social companies work as well and watching. I think exactly how you say that. Was you know why january sixth the bridge too far. You can say that exact thing for for twitter and trump's account right and her for how facebook responded to the you know political ads and misinformation about the election. You know there were so many times previously when they could have made the right calls there and failed to. And how did it get to a little insurrection of the capital. You know to for everyone to say oh wait. This is too much we should have done. Yeah it's not like the warning signs were there areas.

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