687: Maximoff Overdrive: WandaVision S1E1-3 Review



Overdrive. New podcast from the incomparable. That goes over one. Division episodes of the fine toothed comb. My name is laser. And i will be discussing the show. Along with in coppell superstars. Kelly demont and dan mountain. Hi guys are right before we get started. I wanna share with our listeners. What they can expect from each episode of maximum overdrive will always open up with a quick recap of what happened on the show so that you understand what we're discussing in the episodes will go through. We'll talk about loved. And why would loved it. Just about the show and then will note out a little bit about the marble verse the mcu the comic verse. Anything ties it and We'll also try to figure out if we can actually figure out what's going on this show 'cause it's lot of questions and not a lot of answers anyway. That's actually something done. And i have experience with this all questions very few answers. Oh that's kind of how we ended up here. I see so i. I love a good origin story or a good orgeon question as it were and for those of you who are listening along. I wanna let you know it helps. If you watched the episode. I because we will be talking about what happened. This is not going to be a spoiler free zone for any episode that we mentioned so for our first episode of maximov overdrive. We're gonna be talking about one. Division episodes one through three. Or as i like to think of them in the aggregate as act one first episode. It appears to be a knockoff. The nineteen fifties with the aesthetics. M the i love lucy antics. We see that wanda and are newlyweds. Who have driven to set up house in the charming berg of westview the ostensible plot of the sitcom revolves around a mysterious hardly calendar. What could it mean we find out. The heart indicates that mr heart is coming to dinner. Mr hart being visions boss Lots of sitcom antics about wanda's ineptitude in the kitchen on su Driven in part by the fact that mentioned repeatedly vision doesn't eat to wanda's rescue her next starring. Agnes who says cheerily. I'd be if i didn't have So they wanna have to serve breakfast for dinner. The bosses judgy bosses. Choky wanda has to remind vision that he can save the bosses life. He does so. It's a little weird and unsettling but also ends well on the dinner. Wanda invasion sit down on the couch to determine their anniversary date determine their favorite song and determined that they could blink when hearings existence. Then the camera pulls back we see. It's a sitcom more ominously. We see that the symbol for an agency called sword is on monitor next to the tv feed. And there's someone taking Then we jump into a decade to episode two which is basically a knock on pushed everything from the credits to the aesthetics to won super cute flip hairdo this episode revolves around wanda envision. Getting ready to participate in town talent show. There are antics involving magic vision traffic with a neighborhood watch and sales until he choose a piece of gum and a spirit of solidarity the gum gums up his works as it were so he shows up for the talent show drunk. Wanda hasn't made a great impression at the at the planning committee. But she envisioned somehow pull off a super funny magic sequence where she discusses their superpowers by actually using them in plain view and at the end of the episode she just states quickly finishes at by a period about six months pregnant and even more intriguing late converting her world from black and white to color. This episode has a few notes unease in it just as the other one did both of them linked to sword somehow one of them including a charming toy helicopter another one including a men in a beekeeper suit with a sword leg on the back of the man. The beekeeper suit is blinked out of existence. We're not sure how but suggested some sort of editing or reality altering power at work all right. Oh my gosh. I feel like i'm running race with the recapping wrath and point out that when you say the aesthetics you are not kidding. That's one of the things that i really wanna discuss the so. We'll get there in a minute because we have another episode. You don't have to wait through it. I'm just giving you a chance to sit there and breathe for a second remember yet breathing. I've known a great transition because an episode number three. It's the nineteen seventies. They're living in the brady bunch house. Wanda has marcher. Brady's haircut basically and that nia slapped into a truly hysterical wig She gets increasingly more grabbed as the episode progresses and it turns out. Pregnancy makes her magic go wonky. So there's all sorts of hilarious visual effects. the episode culminates in her having the babies in her living room with the help of our friend geraldine who stopped by truly hilarious story about a job interview and ends up to fring twins. Tommy and billy and then geraldine may overstep by asking wanda. Your twin brother killed by altron. Don this has wanda wanda's tackles are a little up.

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