Choose Your Family Wisely


So this episode inspired by john. Laura who suggested that we dig deeper into a season one episode. We're looking at life priorities. So so this goes out to. John mara thank you john. Maura asked us a few questions in terms to dig a little deeper and the one that really stood out was like why do you have to choose your family in france. And how do you do with the backlash of choosing one or the other and we thought we we dig a little deeper into that with this topic and hobby. Yeah so we came up with that the ability to choose who you surround yourself with hoop which family which friend is around with. That's important you know and to why is it important. Well what's important is that you have the ability to choose many people. They they let other people choose for them you know. They're just going about their like you know. They want to coast through life without making decisions. They want other people to make decisions for them. But you know we we were twenty years ago. That's that was all man. You know what. I am the first one to be. You know when you give him to peer pressure and then certain people after a while people start categorizing all your this type of person. You're that type of person and then you start believing. Would other people say about you. Exactly how remember like in high school way back. We were like we're like social being just like regular people we want to belong right. I remember in high school I'll be the first one to say. Just like you hubby off by something all the leaders until they follow the neater but the important part is that that that we are the part that we want to share his. We have to recognize that relationships right. How you who you surround yourself with who you choose to build relationships with and julia choose to follow either. You're the follower your leader and unfortunately there's a lot of followers out there. When i was in high school. I remember my dad would tell me the gear on not recognize so for those. That don't know spanish. It's like tell me who you hang out with. And i'll tell you who you are you know and i saw my dad. You know. it's not my friends. It's me you know like i will go out with some friends and come home late or whatever it was i mean yeah i mean it's easy to look back and say like oh man you know i was wrong right there but we live forward. You know so a lot of people during that time like you know. Just go with the flow a lot of times. It's like oh let's do this. Let's do that. Let's do it and they're like this. There's times when when you need to be a follower and they're censoring. You need to be a leader because you're not born leader. I mean li leaders in leadership. Think those are qualities that you learn throughout life and And being a follower you're thinking and you're looking and you're observing you know who you're following you know and what you're learning from them And you know when you're in high school in your early twenties. Well you know you're you're still learning Still learning about life. You're learning how to reopen and early early early early. Eight seventeen sixteen folks. It's thirty s thing. I mean it's it's it's a process it's alive process you know and You know going back to To the original question you know. Why is it so hard. I think part of it is it might be are familial background might be our background going up wherever we grew up Because there might have been you know certain social normative where we grew up. you know. it's like you're only going to be this. You know you can only aspire to be that or you know what this is what your grandfather did. This is what your father did. So this is what you're gonna do. you know. I think that plays a part in it but once again there's gonna come a point in time when you had to put on the big boy pants and make a decision for yourself because ultimately you're no longer making a decision for yourself. You might be making decision for you and your partner for new and your and your family your kids or your your aging parents or your business you know and i think you know like i said that's a that's a process right there and how do you. How do you go about learning that process. Know we all mentioned you know. And i'm gonna mess him now mean i was. You know i was nowhere near leader. You know in my teens or twenties and i'll admit that because i was still learning. I was fumbling all over the place. Hell into my thirties. I was fumbling all over the place you know and but lisa was conscious and aware that and i was aware to know that i'm messing up not really anywhere until later on in life when i said okay you know. Now it's time to really focus

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