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I have an idea for custom physical journal. And i'm wondering where i can start getting a created no manufactured or printed and Just those aspects of publishing in addition. They're away to legally protect specialized journals such as like a copyright trademark. I don't think trademarks work. But copyright for instance anyways they give all the help and guidance. You give the poor to hear from him dylan. What's up man. Thank you so much for listening. I hope the money tree is helpful. And this is an interesting idea. Interesting and also feasible. We've talked about a lot of journals here on the podcast. I need to like journal. Capped just because there's so many but the thing is there are a lot of journals because there's a large journal writing appetite these days. My friend had been sent me one recently called amongst mind that i'm looking forward to checking out but i feel like pretty much every month. Someone sends me new different kind of journal. Or i hear about a different kind of journal. So there's probably not an unlimited demand for these personalized customized journalists but it is a big market so there is a path all right. So if dylan wants to make his own. You know what needs to happen here. Basically everything that needs to happen falls into three categories design printing and marketing. So first of all design now for all of our desires out there. They're not going like to hear this but in this situation at least it's probably the easiest part of the process so dylan already has a specific idea for his journal. He knows what's going to make it unique or different. All he needs is a partner who can help him execute that idea and so if he doesn't have someone in mind i would look on upwork. Go to upwork dot com where you can find any number of qualified and reasonably priced candidates. Of course there's a process to it you want to look at people's portfolios and such make sure you're clear about what you need including specs and file types which connect to the next part of the process but first of all you need a design partner And you can find one and upwork if you don't mind already so second part of the process printing now here you have. A number of options might be best to categorize them geographically local national or international. So first of all it doesn't hurt to check with a local printer like if their pricing was reasonable than that could solve a lot of other problems for you. You just have a local relationship you can go and pick them up easy in terms of national. What i mean here is a company like printing for less dot com. I used to be a customer printing for less long ago. I have no other relationship with them. Technically they are local printer based in montana but their entire focus is on doing print jobs for customers all across the us. in fact they claim to be i. I ever online printer. I'm sure there are others now as well and what these national printers do is they typically promised better pricing an internet friendly experience that your local printers may or may not have and if you're printing a lot of journals than the third option international might be the cheapest be aware that this is also going to increase your lead time and add a lot of complexity to the process so you're going to arrive by container ship which takes weeks or months. You'll need to work with a foreign company or there might be customs or import duties. Your minimum order quantity is probably going to be a lot higher long story short there for your first time. I would start with one of the other two options. Okay now we come to the third category marketing right now. That's everything that we talk about here on the podcast. I can't just briefly summarize marketing and by the way even though this is technically the last stage of the process like you need to have a design need to have a fiscal product created manufactured printed. Marketing is something you should be thinking about from the beginning. you know. that's why a lot of these journals being crowd funded. The right crowdfunding campaign isn't just about the product. It's about the brand. It's about the message. This is actually where. I would spend the bulk of my time. Because the marketing the branding is going to affect the design. You know it's not like you start with the design and say how do we market it. I would kind of go the other way around or at least a line him and make sure they're integrated now. I think dillon also ask something about copyright. We've had a number of other episodes dealing with that in detail but the short version nair is everything that you make on the internet. Once you make your first prototype once you have the design. It's automatically copyrighted okay. It doesn't mean it's always going to be protected doesn't mean someone come along and try to copy it but that's something to deal with later if it comes up much more important. Think about what is this going to be. How am i going to make it the most amazing journal so that it can compete and stand out with everything else.

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