Ryan Pace, George Mccaskey And Green Bay discussed on Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert and Kristian Garic


Of those teams stink. Let me actually played a good team in Green Bay Final week of the season. If you win, you're in you get blown out. You couldn't even make the game competitive. Oh, that's garbage from George McCaskey and Ryan Pace, Let's just hand out the participation trophies. Hey, everyone. We went eight and eight. That organization. They're losers. That's what they are. That organization is a losing organization. Those responses. I don't expect anything else, but they basically accept losing and they try to justify all while we won three out of her last four games of the regular season against three garbage teams, so I'm proud of our players. Stop it. Ryan Pace should be gone mad. Maggie should be gone. But guess what? The Bears don't have a damn clue what they're doing. Their offense stinks. They drafted your biscuit when they should've drafted to Shawn Watson. They're probably gonna bring back too risky. This year. The defense will play fine next year and guess what's gonna happen? The Bears won't make the playoffs next year. Their offenses get a stink and they're going to celebrate making the playoffs this year that is embarrassing. Even really get in your back your way in because the Cardinals couldn't beat John Woolford. You

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