Make Your Business Personal with David Jay


My guest today is david j. David is the founder and ceo of warm welcome and was recently named a top one hundred tech innovator and influence her revenues from warm. Welcome along with his other. Four companies will exceed six million dollars in twenty twenty. He believes the business can be a tool to help us build better relationships in connect us to a purpose far beyond ourselves. Thanks so much for joining me today. David to be here. It's great to have you here. I am very curious to get your thoughts on what you think. Small business owners need out what they should be prioritizing so they can be successful. Yeah we'll you know in today's climate. I think we've We've all experienced so much negativity and de personalization. And so i think in order to be successful today really need to personalize what we're doing and get passionate about it and i know this is something that you talk a lot about You know being passionate about what we're what we're doing seems like a given given the struggles you go through as a small business or start up and And so yeah. I think when we're When we're looking at something we're saying. Hey how do. I personalize this. How do i make Something that i'm passionate about. I think the people that are involved in connection to people's really drives that. That's that's interesting so i mean i as you said. I am a firm believer that we really need to be building. Relationships in connecting with people on that that success is sort of a byproduct of relationships and so it feels like. That's what you're saying as well. And i'm curious so this is a two part question. The first part is why is making your business personal better for revenue now. Yeah well one thing is. Almost all businesses are are grown by by people right and whether that's the customer or the people internally at the company and so their relationships there are the real drivers of the roi and You know there is a study done by I think it was charles shaw or It was one of the big Financial firms. I forget which one it was but they did a study in the they wanted to find what drove the growth of these financial advisors and What they found is that it was. The relationship was the software things. It wasn't the return on. You know the money that the person invested it was actually the relationship with the financial advisors. What caused them to to refer them and And that was interesting because you'd think with something as transactional as financial planning or financial advising you'd think it'd be all about the numbers and and so even in that industry. They found that it was news about the relationship. Yeah boy that is surprising. Okay so there's a second part of my question. I'd like you to explain like so. What do you mean when you say making your business personal get you can like what does that look like. If someone's worth small business owner what does that look like to them. Well i think it looks like It it looks like what normal life looks like and You know for a long time. We kind of separated business from our life and You know we we went about our business certain way and went about the rest of our life in another way and In people are just craving authentic relationship with another human being. You know we're all sick of you know having a chat bot just give these these dummy answers that don't help us and so like just gimme a human. That can empathize with me a little bit. That can understand my problem. And so when we talked to somebody in any context whether it's in a business context or or you know personal contacts like we just want them to be to be humid you know into the realize that know there's another human on the other end of the line and And so people are looking for. I think less polish in our business communication in more just personal authentic empathetic types of Conversations and relationships

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