Washington DC Under Curfew Amid Capitol Hill Chaos


Capitol Hill with 20 minutes to go before the curfew sets in, and the protesters are forced to leave the Capitol grounds. Let's go live to W. T. O P s Can Duffy who joins us on Skype? Hey, guys Moments ago. They are taking this curfew very seriously. The authorities they're clearing people back away from the Capitol building, and they have had success doing that. Now The largest crowd we saw is on the western side of the Capitol building. Moments ago, they were still hundreds of people still packed at the entrance there along the steps we saw thousands before, but the crowd dissipated greatly that said they had to get them out of there. So they started to deploy Flash bangs empty any officers joining federal authorities as well chanting, movable back getting everybody back. All the way down the lawn. So now we're about I would say 100 yards away now from the Capitol building. The same thing happened on the northern side as well and the eastern side on the front steps of the Capitol building as police. Also, you stun grenades to drive back the crowds. There were still seen some violence. In fact, we witnessed some trump demonstrators. Spotting a media section and just completely trashing cameras and equipment attacking the media as they're reporting there, But we have seen all day long. Just Lot of chaos and a lot of what happened inside the Capitol Little Day itself, and it's just been an insane day. Never seen anything like this happening before. But as you said, the curfew is now approaching 6 P.m.. In D, C and We'll have to see what happens if this crowd dissipates and goes away. If they police are going to try to get them out of the streets completely or start making arrests can have to wait and see what happened. Can if I can ask you from your standpoint are the people aware that there's a six o'clock curfew tonight? Oh, yes, People are talking about a lot of chatter about 60 em Kirky in such but some people don't want to go home. They want to stay here they say hold your ground. We're not going anywhere. Who knows what that means. But they do not want to leave the streets and the real diehards are still here outside the Capitol building. They have been driven back, but they remain here tonight in D. C. And we know if police are intent on arresting everybody who doesn't abide by this curfew, Hillary, we don't know. I mean, take for example, over this summer with the George Floyd protest. We had those curfews did not know if any arrest or meant going to be made. And then they did. They arrested hundreds and one night. In fact, we were out there on smaller street. So this could happen tonight as well. It depends on what these people want to do. Do they want to stay here or go home? The majority of people have left gun out into other areas of the district. But there's still a sizeable crowd here. I would say in the hundreds now. What remains to be seen what police will do to get them to go home and she will buy by the curfew. All right, w T. O p s Ken Duffy on the scene outside the capital as we're just 17 minutes away from the city wide curfew in the district. Now, let's go live to double D. T. OBY. Capitol Hill correspondent Mitchell Miller, who was inside the Capitol as all of this started, but then had to be evacuated from the capital. Mitch, What's the latest? You have Well right now, Shawn. There's an uneasy tension here at the capital and in the Capitol complex as they try to figure out exactly what was just explained. I can. I mean, what are the demonstrators going to do? So We're really kind of in a holding pattern here. I have been personally evacuating with other reporters and people to the Rayburn building in a secure area. On dime. Sure, staff members are also spread out across the Capitol complex in various areas just to take people through. Who maybe just joining to find out exactly how this all went through. I won't go through the entire day, but Suffice to say it was early in the afternoon. The counting of the electoral college votes had just gotten underway. And suddenly it just happened so quickly that these protesters were up on top of the steps at the U. S Capitol and I can't tell you How rare are I've actually never even seen that happen before on. I've seen many, many protests here before And when they went to the Capitol steps. We knew that something was inherently very, very different about this demonstration. And then it was just a short time later that these people were literally walking all through the capital itself. And and then, shortly thereafter, we found out about a woman getting shot inside. There was a chaotic scene surrounding that in a hallway. Apparently, these people had gotten through a window. They basically just broke the window. It came through and then various things happened, including people going through the Senate chamber and trying to get into the House chamber where they were blockaded from getting in. But people had guns drawn there. People were hearing doors closing that wonder wondering whether or not that was a gunshot, or whether something else everybody wondering what was happening behind the doors that were outside of us in the area that I was in. We were actually basically locked into a small area, basically hoping that nothing would happen where we were, but where we were was right by the House chamber, so Clearly there were a lot of demonstrators making their way through the capital. I think, basically to put a quick rapid on this, though I think we're gonna have to find out what is going to Either case of security moving forward for the U. S Capitol. Because this was clearly untenable. There's no way anybody to be able to have dozens on perhaps even more trespassers go right through the U. S capitol on a day like today, especially when they knew there were going to be protest. So Certainly a lot of troubling questions ahead. That will need to be answered, and he can bet lawmakers will be trying to get answers to those Welsh on Hillary. One other I answered question, Mitch is what happens now, with the tallying of these electoral votes. I mean, we don't even know when the capital's going to reopen for lawmakers. Right? Exactly. I mean, they were Wistfully moved out as you can imagine, and move to secure areas and then those chambers were empty very, very quickly, and it's good that they were because who knows what happened to have these people confronted them personally, which they had been known to do on the ground? I think right now, if I had to guess I just don't think that the lawmakers will be coming back into Chamber this evening. Now, I'm sure some people some would like to make a statement and say You're not going to allow this to happen, but there are so many logistical issues that JJ Green has pointed out. And others have mentioned that you have a security sweep that has to be done. You have no idea whether people left things behind. There's been all kinds of issues related to, of course, the usual suspicious packages they had to evacuate the cannon building earlier today. No, I just don't think it would be a safe thing to do to bring lawmakers back tonight. And then, of course, you still have the question of what? What are the demonstrators going to do if they know that the lawmakers are back in session? Is that only going to encourage them to stay longer? So I think it'll be really interesting to see what the House and Senate leadership decides to do. Moving forward because I don't think they want to be feeling like they can be intimidated by these demonstrators. But at the same time, let's face it. These are older, many of them lawmakers, and we have a pandemic, which we haven't really even mentioned today. Uh All of these people that were demonstrating today except for a very few did not have masks on. So that was a whole another health issue. But it's just yet another thing that compounds all the health safety issues that we're dealing with here at the U. S. Capitol complex tonight, right Double D T OBY, Capitol Hill correspondent Mitchell Miller on the scene will will have have our our continuing continuing

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