Why will most Australians get a less effective vaccine?



This is an abc podcast. Hello welcome to corona cost. A daily point cost all about the corona virus. I'm health reported taking tyler. Journalists alter norman swan. It's thursday the fourteenth of january teagan. You live in brisbane. Tell us what went on yesterday with this quarantine telling these people having to do probably another fourteen days in quarantine. Yeah i really hot really goes out to them. So the good news is that it's contained well so far it seems to be contained within the hotel but it looks like six cases that we knew about have all been genome mickley tested and found to be associated with these cycle. Uk strain of the virus. And they're all connected to each other and all six of these people stayed on the same floor of the same hotel where they were quarantining. Which means that. There's been some sort of transmission. Well the assumption is that there's been some sort of transmission in the hotel. Everyone else who is staying in the hotels be moved to a different one. Now that go to quarantine for another fourteen days but it really seems to back up this sense that we've had about aerosol spread and the potential that this uk strain is more transmissible than maybe what we've seen before. Yeah i mean it's terrible those people and it's unfortunate where we still got an expert group. That's advising the government doesn't truly believe in aerosol spread but anyway the queensland government's doing the right thing moving them on and dealing with the grand chancellor hotel. It's certainly an informative case study. it's not the hotels fault hotel wasn't designed to be a quarantine facility. Which does raise this issue. That comes up again and again. Which is that. Should we have more tailored facilities like howard springs elsewhere for corentin that some hotels does not fit for purpose even though they might be very nice places to stay on holiday. Yeah so that's an active discussion in another really active discussion. Stralia at moment is the vaccine situation. Who's going to get what vaccine so just to recap australia's on track to get access to or to approve two different coronavirus. Vaccines is one from fayza. Biontech and there's one from oxford strelka but the two vaccines are quite different defies. A shot has like ninety five percent efficacy based on the studies and the oxford. One has a lot less than that. But it looks like we're only gonna get enough of the fiso one to vaccinate maybe five million people it's going to be prioritized for the people who are most vulnerable kind of everyone else is gonna get the oxford one. So we've got simony questions from people and a lot of them. Cluster around the question of why most australians going to get a vaccine that looks a lot less impressive than what we know is possible when it comes to fighting corona virus country. I just wanted to chain. Just want to alter one thing that you say. Is that the head of the therapeutic goods administration before christmas indicated that in fact they were going to get data from johnson and johnson from their vaccine. So this is not one of the vaccines that the government's got an arrangement with but i think they've made a preliminary application and all the last forty eight hours. The ceo of johnson. Johnson has said that they're going to be releasing their phase three trial data in the very near future. Now this is an adenovirus vaccine which is one which called virus. If you'd like carries the corona virus spike into the cell. A bit like the astro vaccine and the chinese vaccines. But it's a one dose vaccine rather than a two doors vaccine so really interesting vaccine. It'll be really interesting to see what they come up with this. This the johnson and johnson one and we'll possibly be another option. The tj seemed to save before christmas that this was on the table for approval which is interesting even though we haven't got a business arrangement with them as far as we are led to believe.

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