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Some over the football could get stuck. All right. Ready. I'll make sure hits my shoe instead of the wall getting a good stretch in here right now. What if you catch it, Throw it up and catching your hands. Boom laces of spaces. Now let's start before all right. Right. There we go. And it's rolling. Spaces. Ravens boom football. God's on my side right there. Taking the Ravens. So the picks this week Ravens over the bills. Then I gave it analysis earlier. I'm taking the Packers against the Rams. I'm taking the chief's up against the Browns and the bucks up against the Saints that would set up Brady Rodgers in Lambeau and then the Mark Jackson Mahomes in Kansas City. We'll give you the pics on the spread later on in the program when Gus Frerotte joins us, it is exact help show on CBS Sports Radio when we come on back Coaching carousel. A lot of people are jumping on the merry go round will give the update on all the latest in the National Football League of the coaching Carousel, but first up on the latest CBS Sports Ready Update. Get too rich Ackerman. See me? Yes for sports flag. Kind of do that. Now is the Jaguars have the worst record in the NFL. But some reasons to be

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