NFL playoffs preview, Deshaun Watson, Robert Saleh + Urban Meyer hires - burst 69


Be interesting. That's next before we go on. Jimmy's us upset chief sunday. And jimmy says there's only one way that can do that. Hey man y'all know just like the rest of america knows that the cleveland browns don't stand a snowball's chance inhale of defeating the kansas city chiefs. Just simple only way to cleveland. Browns can beat the kansas city. Chiefs is going to be if they cheek. And i'm telling you right now america. If the cleveland browns win that game. I can guarantee you jimmy going to demand a recount. Accept the results. Until i hit. Y'all do understand that. It is un humanely possible for the cleveland browns to beat. You can't cheap growth three things that women to do if the chiefs who's the cleveland browns. I'm willing to buy copy of marcellus notice. I just said i buy. I read it of you. i ain't gonna believe. Is jimmy willing to give up big girls if the kansas city chiefs. This ain't gonna be a week to help for this. Jimmy's willing to have lunch with the proud boys. In the program barrel of choice happened to it might be some uncomfortable conversations going on with the patient. The referee that live

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