A highlight from People are Dying from the Covid19 Vaccine and the side effects

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It says at least twenty. Three people have died so far from krona vaccines in norway there have been thirteen. Confirmed deaths from the Associated wuhan carlina virus or cove nineteen norway which adds the total deaths up to twenty three and counting and that's said to be associated with the vaccines rollout and the scandinavian country. The norwegian medicines agency or and m. a. officially confirmed thirteen deaths. Pagan them As side effects of the chinese virus jabs all the deaths are said to have been people who were old and frail in total twenty. Three deaths have been reported in connection to the wuhan or wu flu injections norway An astronomical number considering the fact of the virus itself almost has a non existent rate. The reports might indicate that the common side effects from the are Excuse me the m rna vaccines such as fever. Nausea may lead to deaths in. Some patients said the n. am a chief physician in a statement. So folks there you have it. People are dying little by little. I've told people. And i've told people till i'm turning blue and turning purple folks that when you take the vaccine. You're putting all types of chemicals everything from aluminum to feel parts to Pig tissue to human fetal tissue. You're putting all kinds of crap in your body and if a person puts these things in your body not to mention this is the are. This is the are a What this is going to do is this is going to change. The gino changed the dna structure in your cells in your body. It accident binds for my reading and understanding the axon bind binds to the disease and changes the molecular structure of your body. This is there's never been anything and you can do all the research you ought till i i don't care. People can go and go and go until they turn purple for all. I care bottom line is changes your dna in your body. You're not the same person by the time you take the shot. And they're not asking you take one dose now it's at least two doses may be more in the future folks. This just depends on what they decide to roll out but it does change. Your dna structure does taint change. Your body does change your immune system all right. Let's get back to the article here. Almost duct folks How many people need to die before the world realizes to corona vaccines scam just days earlier the n. m. a. launched an investigation into the destitute nursing home residents who were vaccinated from the pfizer's cove nineteen vaccine Noted that the two deaths occurred a few days. Individuals were jammed. prompting a probe to whether or not were directly responsible It was days later. They determined that the vaccines they had in fact killed the to nursing home residents and we now know that dozens of others have died as a result of getting the m. a poisons. Okay folks again. Why do you want to throw that crap into your body. Why do you not ask. The simple questions is what the hell are they putting into your body. You have a right to know why do in other words. They're using the fearmongering the fair tactics. This is bad. This is the boogeyman boo. You know they're using all these methods in order to scare everybody why these scare everybody that that's the way they get everybody. Take the shot and it's just really really sick and sadistic very very evil. And it's not good. I'm gonna finish the article here folks There are probably be desk close to the time. Vaccination is quoted people They were saying We must assess whether it is in the vaccine. Or is the cause of death. Or whether it's coincides that happens as soon as after the vaccination after norwegian health officials some four hundred diaper week in nursing homes throughout the country following the use of the vaccine in the united kingdom and in the united states causes of allergic reaction have been have been reported. The anime added in a statement. Most side effects occur shortly after the vaccine and then disappear in a few days in most cases of the wuhan corona virus or cove nineteen do not even occur side effects. Let alone death. So why would anyone even want the vaccine. This was the question posed by representative ken. Buck he's a colorado during a recent fox business segment with neil kavoodo it just i again cove. Nineteen is like covid nineteen eighty-four as much worst.

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